Random Thoughts for the Day

* A government that believes its citizens have no need or would never have a need to revolt against it is a government that must be revolted against.

* Obama should forgo using Linda Douglass. Using videos from the last two months to counter a video showing that Obama is changing his rhetoric to get a bill passed, a video that uses proof from previous speeches, is substandard propaganda. Instead, Obama should bring someone on with similar ideology and who is an expert at propaganda, like Joseph Goebbels.

* The problem isn’t the health care system – it’s the health care cost. At the same time, the reason the United States has a good health care system is because of the amount of money pumped into it from the private sector.

* If just 10% of the conservative orthodox Christians in the United States did what they were supposed to do according to the words of Christ, the issues of welfare, universal health care, public eduction, and homelessness would no longer exist.

* If you don’t believe that Jesus was God, that He resurrected from the dead, or that He was born of a virgin, then why bother to call yourself a Christian? I believe Muhammad lived, I believe he existed, but I don’t consider him special; this is why I don’t call myself a Muslim (among other reasons).

* Is it better for a man to have lived 90 healthy years, acquired vast sums of wealth, but fail to be a positive impact on people’s lives, or is it better for a man to have lived just 20 years of poor health, lived in poverty, but have touched the lives of many?