The Dark

The darkness refuses to lift
In the deep of this valley
I cannot seem to sift
Through all my countless folly

The troubled sea will not calm
Inside this troubled heart
This injury has no healing balm
For a remedy I know not where to start

I want to become bitter against You
To blame You for my mishaps
But you know exactly what to do
For You are the one Who guides my steps

The future looks so dark and cold
But you contain it in Your hand
You shaped it from the days of old
And will bring me to the Promised Land

I am fearful and frightened at the dark clouds
And wonder if I will survive
But before you all storms must bow
And you will bring me through this alive

So bring comfort to this fallen child
Let me turn from this doubt and sin
For even though all hope is killed
In You I find hope again

Review of William P. Young’s “The Shack”


One of the most perplexing questions humanity has faced is how can evil exist alongside an all-good and benevolent God? William Young’s book The Shack attempts to deal with this question in a fictitious manner.

The main character, Mack, grew up in an abusive home and eventually escaped the home after poisoning his father. Later on in life he takes a camping trip and, through a series of events, discovers that his six-year-old daughter Missy has been brutally murdered by a serial killer. After breaking down he one day receives a letter in the mail, inviting him to go to the shack his daughter’s bloody dress was found in. After arriving, he spends a weekend speaking with all three persons of the Trinity, discovering why his daughter had to die and how God operates. Continue reading

Finding God in tough times

I always teach on the sovereignty of God and how this should cause us to trust in Him. This is quite easy to say when things are seemingly going my way, but when things turn around it is a difficult thing to believe. Currently, things have added up. The transmission just went out on my car (which prevents me from doing my job, which requires me having my own transportation), I currently owe a substantial debt to my school (which is preventing registration), and a whole host of other things are currently going on. Financially, things are stacking up while my income is declining (and has come to a complete stop as of tonight).

Continue reading