Embracing God’s sovereignty

Today I watched a little girl try her hardest to run away from her father at the grocery store. He finally let her go explore the massive store, but of course kept an eye on her while staying out of sight. Eventually she got lost – easy to do when you’re little – and began to worry, then panic, and then cry. Her father came around the corner and she ran up to him and grabbed onto his leg tightly. Five minutes before she wanted to leave him, but now, after having her way, she wanted nothing more than to hold onto him.

Humans are a lot like that with God. We hate the idea of a sovereign God because it ruins this idea of free will. We love the ability to choose. We love the idea that we can make our own plans, we can make our destiny, we are in control. Sure, if things get tight God will come along and rescue us, but for the most part He leaves us be. Continue reading

The comfort of God’s sovereignty

The other day I heard an advertisement on the radio for a group of psychics here in Fort Worth. They promised accurate readings that can’t be found from other psychics in the area or on the phone. I laughed and made fun of it – how in the world could anyone believe that stuff? I haven’t thought about it until today, but without Christ I would see the need to consult a psychic. Continue reading

Finding God in tough times

I always teach on the sovereignty of God and how this should cause us to trust in Him. This is quite easy to say when things are seemingly going my way, but when things turn around it is a difficult thing to believe. Currently, things have added up. The transmission just went out on my car (which prevents me from doing my job, which requires me having my own transportation), I currently owe a substantial debt to my school (which is preventing registration), and a whole host of other things are currently going on. Financially, things are stacking up while my income is declining (and has come to a complete stop as of tonight).

Continue reading