No Jews Allowed (***Update***)














Worldnet Daily is reporting that Delta, in flying to Saudi Arabia, is no longer allowing Jews onto those flights into Saudi Arabia. Being that it’s WND I take the story with a grain of salt, but if it is true then Delta has put profits ahead of what is right. Apparently Delta is really trying to live up to its pseudo-acronym “Don’t Even Let Them Aboard.”

The excuses in the letters shown on WND are basically, “We’re just doing our job. If you don’t like what Saudi Arabia is doing, tell the State Department.” In other words, they’re trying to make a buck and if you don’t like a nation’s laws, then encourage our government to help change those laws. Of course, this skirts the entirety of the issue.

While it is true that Delta must follow the laws of Saudi Arabia – which prohibits Jews from entering their country – there’s nothing saying that Delta has to fly to Saudi Arabia in the first place or work with a carrier that flies into Saudi Arabia. Delta is a private organization that can refuse to work with any nation, so why choose to work with a nation that requires Delta to discriminate? Because there’s money to be had in flying to Saudi Arabia, and Delta would rather increase their profits than do the right thing.

At the same time, as private citizens we’re not forced to fly Delta. Another Airline is quite suitable and preferable at this point. For me, if I fly again, it certainly won’t be through Delta, even if they’re the cheaper option. It might put me back in the pocket book, but at least I’ll sleep better at night knowing I did the right thing.


USA Today is reporting the same thing, only from Delta’s side. The explanation is essentially what as in the letters provided to WND. They’re simply saying, “Well Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow Jews into their nation, so we have to comply with that.” So my original point still stands, that Delta is putting profit ahead of what is right.


Moral Equivalency

When asked what the biggest hurdle to the Middle East peace process was, Jimmy Carter said it was the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. I have to ask – did Carter fall down and hit his head somewhere between 1980 and the present day? 

Let’s look at a few facts:

* The biggest obstacle is most likely the fact that Hamas – the biggest governmental party for the Palestinians – does not recognize Israel as a legitimate nation

* It is the express intent of such terrorist organizations to “drive the Jews into the sea,” not back to the pre-1967 borders

* Like it or not, Israel won those lands in a battle against 6 different Arab nations. They didn’t take it from the nation of Palestine, because such a nation did not exist. Rather, those lands were owned by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. There was no Palestinian government (or solidarity movement). It is the equivalent of saying the US needs to return the Southwestern portion of the United states to Mexico, or make it its own nation, even though we won that land in a war

* All land is taken from someone. The land of Israel is no different. It is currently owned by the Jews. Before that, the British. Before that, the Ottoman Empire. Before that, the Muslim armies under Saladin. Before that, the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. Before that, the French. Before that, the Muslim armies. Before that, the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire. Before that, the Roman Empire. Before that, the Jews. And the list goes on and on. Multiple nations have staked claim in Israel. To say that it belongs to the Palestinians – a bedouin people who decided to settle there – is quite absurd. 

* Israel often takes harsh actions against the Palestinians because the Palestinians are known for blowing Israelis up

* Even if we say the terrorism is a response to what Israel has done, does that make it right? Israel targets military targets surrounded by civilians, which inevitably leads to collateral damage. The Palestinians target civilian targets – the death of Israeli citizens aren’t collateral damage, they are the targets

* The Israelis have shown they wanted peace and want a co-existence with the Palestinians. The Palestinians have shown they want peace by the eradication of the Jewish government

Regardless of one’s religion or views of Biblical eschatology, from a purely rational point of view, Israel is in the right. Israeli settlements may hinder the peace process, but they are a far cry from the biggest obstacle. Every time Israel has done something to move toward peace, it has been met with rocket launches and bombs…and silence from those who want “peace” in Israel. Carter, Obama, Clinton…all of them are silent when rockets fall in Israel or busses are blown up. But the moment those Jews build a house on land they won in a war, well that’s just the biggest obstacle to peace. 

A nation with leaders such as these, leaders who are blind and don’t understand the first thing about justice, is a nation that will not survive, nor does it have a right to survive.