Christians and War – A very brief reflection

I was thinking today about how American Christians are often too quick to support war with another country. A few years ago Pat Robertson advocated the assassination of Hugo Chavez. Though Chavez is a horrible dictator that has taken away the freedom of his citizens and is quickly turning into a destabilizing feature in northern South America, should a Christian – one called to be a witness of the kingdom to come – be calling for the assassination of a foreign leader? Or what about the overwhelming support for the Iraq war by the evangelical community, which even the most ardent supports must admit has been poorly planned and executed (by the administration, not by the military).

Before proceeding, I must say that I am not a pacifist and do believe there are wars that simply must occur. The Bible shows very clearly that God had no problem using war to aid Israel and also to punish Israel. God did not just guide Israel into war, but also brought foreign nations against her when she sinned greatly against Him. Likewise, Paul states that power has been given over to the governments of this world to wage war. The best example of a justified war is World War II – if ever there was a just war, this was it. Regardless, the Bible does show that God uses war and that governments have the right to defend themselves if attacked. Continue reading