The Necessity of Hell

One of the most elusive and difficult beliefs that orthodox Christians must deal with is the belief in Hell. Hell is not a popular belief and for good reason; who wants to believe that God would send someone to an eternal, never-ended separation from Himself? What kind of loving God would do such a thing?

Christians have attempted to offer up arguments for why Hell is there (e.g. “God doesn’t send people to Hell, they choose to go”), but all of these arguments seem to be a bit weak. After all, even if people choose to go to Hell, why would God even create it in the first place, subsequently allowing such a choice? Likewise, it is just playing with words – God still condemns the people to Hell, He sends them there.

What, then, should Christians think about Hell? How should Christians approach this issue? Should we abandon this belief as a misreading of the New Testament, as something that was added on after the fact? Should we deemphasize Hell and act as though it’s not as important as we make it out to be? Or should we follow the orthodox belief that Hell is a real place and, regardless of how our culture views the belief, stick with it as an absolute? Continue reading