More Random Thoughts for the Day

– Liberal ethics: everyone is the victim…except the victim

– “I”m raising awareness.” So what? If I am aware that my neighbor’s house is on fire and he is trapped inside, I can still go to jail if I don’t take action on that awareness.

– Pop culture is full of emptiness because it has forsaken God. It is not that God has cursed them with being empty; it is more that such a culture has, in forsaking God, forsaken their purpose in life, thus all other pursuits are done in vain, which leads to emptiness.

– Postmodern ethics: everything is subjective, except tolerance…and traditionalist beliefs are always wrong

– One can have all the money in the world and the latest technological devices, but still feel incomplete. Happiness is found in the simple things in life; love of God, love of family, and love of virtue are what make a man happy.

– Congress has an oversight committee. They are called the American people. Americans have forgotten that they are the final “check” and the final “balance” in the check and balance system.

– Wearing a t-shirt or putting a bumper sticker on your car to bring about “awareness” is the greatest form of narcissism. It lets everyone know that you care, that you are aware, that you understand human rights, and gives you the self-satisfaction of doing something good without actually doing anything. Everyone wants to appear to be Mother Theresa without doing any of the things she did.

– Prosecuting people in the Bush administration at this point in the new administration is not an accident. It is Obama’s “Wag the Dog.” The health care initiative is becoming more and more unpopular – if he can focus the attention back to Bush, he knows he can get support for his plan. It is a dishonest way to pass a bill.


After looking through the news this week, I came across this comment from a casual observer that the media decided to interview.

“[Universal Health Care is] about human rights. It’s about morality. And denying people health care ranks right up there with genocide.”

This is one of those quotes that you read and start laughing, then blurt out, “What the heck,” and then get a very sick feeling in your stomach because the person believes this tripe without ever thinking about it.

Genocide is the act of intentionally killing off a people group because of that group’s race. It is the government (or para-military) sanctioned eradication of an ethnicity. Denying universal health care is the government saying, “Individuals have the right to choose their own health care” and/or “We don’t have the money to pay for it.” There’s a night and day difference. So that last sentence is just plain stupidity and underscores how many on the Left don’t know the first thing about moral equivalency.

Is it immoral for the government to refuse to pay for a person’s health care? It does depend on the situation. If the person put his life in harm’s way for the service of his country, or was injured while defending his country or doing a service for his country, then it is highly immoral for the government to refuse free health care (or even the best health care available). If, however, the person blew his hand up while holding onto a firework to see what would happen, it is actually immoral for the government to take other people’s money to pay for this man’s mistake.

But what about neutral parties? What about a person who has cancer, but can’t afford health insurance? It still isn’t moral for the government to use other people’s money to pay for this one person’s ailment. The reason is that by doing so (because there is always more than one person suffering), others are inevitably harmed. Thus, instead of a few people suffering, multiple people suffer. Rather, the moral thing to do is for the government to offer incentives to individuals who willingly give their money to funds and charities that help those who don’t have health care.

Either way, aside from being stupid, is just sick. The government refusing to have a universal health care system is very different from what Hitler did to the Jews or what the Hutu did to the Tutsi.