The Apple has fallen far, far from the tree

For those who are familiar with Francis Schaeffer, you might be surprised to learn that his son Franky Schaeffer is a bit, well, liberal. By “a bit,” I mean that he refers to evangelical Christians as domestic terrorists, appears regularly on the Rachel Maddow show, and contributes to the Huffington Post.

However, recently Schaeffer decided to natural law proponents (a camp I fall into even though I am not Roman Catholic). He decried them, argued against them, and bashed them; the problem is, he never actually explained what natural law was according to advocates of natural law. Thankfully, Robert George (a major advocate for natural law) called him out in the following article: Continue reading


The Liberal Left is the new Religious Right

In the 1980’s, America started to see the rise of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and others in an attempt to establish what was then called, “the Religious Right.” The group decided to take a conservative stance and ally themselves with the Republican Party. As time wore on, many people began to question some of the things the Religious Right was supporting, for instance, unbridled Capitalism, war at any cost, forbidding government money from helping the poor, etc. People questioned it because it seemed the Religious Right had abandoned the Bible in their pursuit of being conservative.

Enter what we can call the “Liberal Left” of evangelical Christianity, who began supporting peaceful solutions to global conflicts and supporting tax-payer money being used to help the poor. Both of those, I believe, have strong Biblical precedence. Unfortunately, the Liberal Left began to move further and further left, allying themselves with the Democratic Party and liberalism in general. They began to become silent on the issue of abortion (or in some cases, supportive of the pro-choice position). They began to embrace homosexuality as a lifestyle and go further than argue for the right to marry among homosexuals (which even someone who believes homosexuality is a sin can still believe homosexuals have the right to get married), but also teach that homosexuality wasn’t a sin.

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