Does God exist? (Part 3)

I received a reply. Here is my response to the reply I received:

Issue 7 – Does God need “special pleading” to avoid the arguments against naturalism?


It is necessarily true that in any universe where matter decays it must also have a beginning. Thus, even if we say there was something prior to the universe, we’re still left with the problem of infinite regress – at some point, there has to be something beginning everything.


Except for God right? He gets a special pass.

That would be the Special Pleading Logical Fallacy i think


I thought I did a good job explaining why God is not subject to the problems listed in the original post. As I stated:

If the universe requires a beginning, then it requires an immaterial, eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful mind to bring the physical world about. All of these would be part of the nature of the being that caused the universe, thus satisfying the requirement of premise (1). The universe, as it is, fits none of the above descriptors, thus requiring an explanation. Continue reading