The priorities and consequences of an empty culture

As I write this, major newspapers are accepting the idea that we are heading into a great economic depression. Though we don’t know how bad the depression will be, the fact we are heading into one becomes more and more apparent each day. Likewise, we currently have an administration that simply is not adequately tasked to handle a depression. Though we must continually pray for President Obama and show respect towards the office of the presidency, we must admit that Mr. Obama has shown himself inadequate to deal with crises, whether they be domestic or foreign.

In light of the economic collapse, we have all but lost the Gulf Coast to oil. Fishermen cannot fish, tourist attractions are shut down, and the economy is being hit even harder in our Southern states. We are now sitting almost four month out after the oil spill and the well has yet to be capped, which prevents clean up. Where is the Federal Government to help protect our shorelines, to help protect our borders? Where is the public out cry that the Federal Government has failed to secure our borders once again, which is their Constitutional imperative.

We are shutting down parts of Arizona because our government has failed to prevent drug traffickers and human traffickers from coming across our border. By being inactive we have become complicit with the action that enslaves thousands of humans every year. Believe what you will about illegal immigration – for those that follow this site they understand that I am in high support of immigration – it is the duty of the government to protect the borders and they have failed in that duty (and this is not just Mr. Obama’s fault, this spans back through multiple administrations).

We are facing a justice department that is out of control, threatening to violate the Constitutional right to be protected from double jeopardy just so the administration can pander to a voting base. This same justice department is suing Arizona for the belief that Arizona is overstepping its Constitutional bounds (which I do believe Arizona is doing that), but then doing nothing to fulfill their own duty to protect the borders.

We have multiple states on the verge of bankruptcy and in fact our own nation is on the verge of bankruptcy. We have citizens who’s entire lifestyle is based upon what has been loaned to them. They do not truly own most of their toys and were the economic rug pulled out from under them, they would have nothing to fall upon.

We are engaged in two wars with the potential for two other major conflicts to open up (Iran and Korea). Our diplomatic currency is so low that we are struggling to negotiate peaceful terms with either nation. Were war to break out, we would not be in a position to aid our allies or prevent a greater evil. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With the World – Sex and the City Syndrome

Related Book: Whatever Happened to the Human Race? by Francis Schaeffer and C. Everett Coop.

In exploring what is wrong with the modern world, one problem sticks out that is quite prevalent; cultural materialism. Cultural materialism is distinct from philosophical materialism (that matter is all there is and there is no supernatural) in that cultural materialism is simply, “material progress at any cost.” It’s an obsession with all things fashionable, all things popular, and with people who live exorbitant lifestyles.  We can call this “Sex and the City Syndrome.”[1] I choose to use that term for a few reasons:

1)   It’s humorous, so it’s easy to remember

2)   Sex and the City is a show about women being rich, buying expensive items, and attempting to change modern morals (i.e. they try and show that it’s okay for women to sleep around and it’s okay for men to sleep around)

3)   Sex and the City gained a huge popular following and the first movie did well, even though the series has absolutely no redeeming value (i.e. it says nothing about the deeper things of life and how we should deal with them

The show/movie exemplifies what it is to be a cultural materialist. In a materialistic culture, progression at any cost is seen as good. In fact, progression is valued as a virtue while tradition or anti-progression is viewed as a vice. To tell someone, “You’re living in the past” or “You’re using a 2,000 year-old book” is viewed as an adequate negation of a person’s beliefs. If we can show someone that his beliefs are old, we automatically think that we’ve somehow proven that our path is the correct one.

When we buy into cultural materialism, we evaluate our worth by what we have and not by who we are. In fact, we often view who we are by what we can do and what we have. This means that whoever has the most recent toys wins. In fact, there was a popular “No Fear” brand t-shirt in the late 90’s that said, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” While catchy, it completely ignored the fact that he who dies still dies. The reality is, in death all men are truly equal. You could have over one billion dollars and die in a plush bed and have a golden casket or you could die in the streets, penniless, and simply get thrown into an unmarked grave, but one constant remains; you’re still dead. Thus, “he who dies with the most toys wins” is an asinine idea.

The above shows  what cultural materialism is and why it poses a threat to a stable society – it creates an unthinking, immoral, shallow society. Such a society cannot sustain itself.

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More Random Thoughts for the Day

– Liberal ethics: everyone is the victim…except the victim

– “I”m raising awareness.” So what? If I am aware that my neighbor’s house is on fire and he is trapped inside, I can still go to jail if I don’t take action on that awareness.

– Pop culture is full of emptiness because it has forsaken God. It is not that God has cursed them with being empty; it is more that such a culture has, in forsaking God, forsaken their purpose in life, thus all other pursuits are done in vain, which leads to emptiness.

– Postmodern ethics: everything is subjective, except tolerance…and traditionalist beliefs are always wrong

– One can have all the money in the world and the latest technological devices, but still feel incomplete. Happiness is found in the simple things in life; love of God, love of family, and love of virtue are what make a man happy.

– Congress has an oversight committee. They are called the American people. Americans have forgotten that they are the final “check” and the final “balance” in the check and balance system.

– Wearing a t-shirt or putting a bumper sticker on your car to bring about “awareness” is the greatest form of narcissism. It lets everyone know that you care, that you are aware, that you understand human rights, and gives you the self-satisfaction of doing something good without actually doing anything. Everyone wants to appear to be Mother Theresa without doing any of the things she did.

– Prosecuting people in the Bush administration at this point in the new administration is not an accident. It is Obama’s “Wag the Dog.” The health care initiative is becoming more and more unpopular – if he can focus the attention back to Bush, he knows he can get support for his plan. It is a dishonest way to pass a bill.

The Empty Self – Why American Society has Fallen

I generally attempt to avoid diving into “social” reading, but somehow found myself reading the blogs on Yahoo. What I read was, to say the least, disturbing.

I read about how women should decide whether or not they should date a man based upon what he eats. I learned that it’s okay that men are becoming less masculine. I learned that having an affair will make your relationship better (thankfully the writer of this ‘article’ is appalled at such a statement). I then learned that sex within marriage is now having to be defined as “married sex” and is somehow viewed as less than ideal. From the same article, it appears that sex within marriage on a regular basis is just absent. 

All of this leaves me wondering – what went wrong with American society? What happened to the moral fortitude that shunned having an affair (at least among the average middle class Americans)? What happened to manhood in the United States? Why is sex within marriage considered a weird concept? Why are marriages evaluated on how much sex the couple has rather than their fidelity and trust toward one another? Continue reading