It’s not about race

Jack Cafferty at CNN has come out and said the main reason the polls in the US Presidential Election are so close is because of race. As he argues:

“The differences between Barack Obama and John McCain couldn’t be more well-defined. Obama wants to change Washington. McCain is a part of Washington and a part of the Bush legacy. Yet the polls remain close. Doesn’t make sense…unless it’s race.”

The sad part of Cafferty’s article is that there is some truth to what he’s saying. There are some people out there who, even if Obama were a carbon copy of Reagan in terms of policy, wouldn’t vote for him because of his skin color. It’s unfortunate that we still live in a nation where someone wouldn’t vote for someone of a different race, even if that candidate were more than qualified and would be good for America.

At the same time, if we go off stereotypes (and complete the irony), wouldn’t most of these people who wouldn’t vote for a black man no matter what also struggle with voting for a female vice president? Granted, not every racist is also a sexist (and not every sexist is a racist), but it’s fair to assume that someone who is closed-minded enough to be a racist is likewise a sexist. Continue reading