The Christian Response to Abortion


I feel I have offered an adequate (though certainly not comprehensive) explanation of why abortion is not only unethical, but should also be considered illegal. I have also done this through nonreligious arguments in an attempt to show that even someone under a secular point of view can and should reject abortion (with medical reasons being the exception). This article, however, will attempt to show Christians how to properly respond to the issue of abortion. Continue reading


If you end abortion, then…


There are several arguments used by pro-abortion advocates that argue the ramifications of not allowing abortion outweigh the ramifications of allowing abortion.

With the previous topic in mind – that human life is most logically defined as that which begins at conception or implantation – let us look at some of the common scenarios presented:

If abortion is no longer allowed, women will go back to coat hanger abortions.

It might be true that if abortion is no longer allowed (outside of medical conditions) some women might go to “back alley abortionists,” which inevitably puts the mother at significant risk. Obviously law enforcement would have to step up investigating doctors and other people who offer such illegal services. This would, in turn, drive up the cost of enforcement, which would force taxpayers to pay a heavy toll. Is banning abortion worth this? Continue reading