Here is a list of links we’ve come across to websites that we believe help further the intellectual/spiritual life.

Be ThinkingGreat website that deals with a lot of subject matters at different levels.

CCEL – An excellent resource from Calvin College that has most of the major works from the early Church Fathers (and many other Christians as well)

Evangelical Philosophical Society – A society that promotes evangelical thinking in philosophy

Joshua Matthen Brown – Josh’s personal website. Most of his writings will deal with naturalism and philosophy of the mind.

Logical Fallacies – A list of some of the more common material fallacies used in argumentation

Peter Kreeft – The site of Peter Kreeft

The Catholic Encyclopedia – An excellent resource for philosophical and theological definitions.

The Complete List of Francis Schaeffer Lectures – All of Francis Schaeffer’s lectures are available online through the L’Abri Ideas Library

The Society of Christian Philosophers – A society dedicated to promoting orthodox Christians engaging in philosophy

Virtual Library of Christian Philosophers – Another Calvin College website that lists PDF articles by many Christian philosophers

The Philosopher’s Bride – A blog by Josh’s wife Rosemary E. Brown


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