A Prayer for the Broken Heart of Connecticut (12/14/2012)

IMG_0261Lord, please have mercy

Our world is so dissonant

What do we make of atrocity

The insane claims the life of the innocent


Into Your hands we commit their tiny souls

As we are left and our tears swell

And their lives we extol

Accept them Father for they have endured Hell


For those left behind we give to Thee

Show grace to those with empty rooms

They face unopened presents under a cold tree

Let their pain be what You assume


Lives snuffed out at a madman’s whim

A debate over the gun will tear us apart

We can pass laws against a weapon so grim

But can we interdict the hate of our heart


A mother and father cry over their loss

We can only wonder if Thou cares

Yet, for a promise made on a cross

We await our swords to be ploughshares


A last plea bring them to Your embrace

Let them run in the fields of love

Allow us not to fight but live in grace

And give us peace from above


Lives cut so short on this December day

Futures removed from mankind’s fraternity

But in hope we can always pray

That they remain in your memory for eternity


The Dark

The darkness refuses to lift
In the deep of this valley
I cannot seem to sift
Through all my countless folly

The troubled sea will not calm
Inside this troubled heart
This injury has no healing balm
For a remedy I know not where to start

I want to become bitter against You
To blame You for my mishaps
But you know exactly what to do
For You are the one Who guides my steps

The future looks so dark and cold
But you contain it in Your hand
You shaped it from the days of old
And will bring me to the Promised Land

I am fearful and frightened at the dark clouds
And wonder if I will survive
But before you all storms must bow
And you will bring me through this alive

So bring comfort to this fallen child
Let me turn from this doubt and sin
For even though all hope is killed
In You I find hope again