Below are the links to articles we’ve written here at the Christian Watershed. Please keep in mind that some of these article are old and thus views have changed since then (the lower the article, the older it is). They are linked, however, to provide people with material to think about.

Theanthropic Ethics and Secular Humanism: How Theosis Can Deal With Modern Critiques of Christian Ethics

[Series] Nietzsche and a Pastor

[Book Review] Hell’s Bells (A review of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins)

[Book Review] Thank God for Michael Dowd: How the Capitulation of Religion to Science Will Transform Your Life and Our World

Metaphysics and the Hypostatic Union: How Philosophy Can be the Theologians Greatest Ally

[Book Review] Saving Giberson: How to be an Intellectually Honest Atheist

God is Known and Unknown: Thoughts from St. John Chrysostom

Universals vs. Particulars

The Cosmological Argument of St. John of Damascus (this is the earliest version of the article. I have since expanded upon this argument drastically and am considering a re-write to update it even more).

Dealing with the Postmodern Ethic

[Book Review] Review of William P. Young’s The Shack

The Necessity of God in the Acquisition of Knowledge 

Nietzsche: The Most Dangerous Philosopher Accepted into Modern Christianity

Existentialism: How it has Affected Modern Christianity

The God Who Saves: A Look at Francis Schaeffer’s View of Salvation

Christianity and the Hebrews

The Metaphysical Necessity of Evil

Descartes, Pascal, and Reformed Epistemology: Re-Evaluating Epistemology

Eisegesis vs Exegesis

Signs of a Proper Pastor

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