A Completely Selfish Request

Possible book cover

Possible book cover

Josh and I want to thank everyone who tolerated this website for the past year. 2013 ended up being our most successful year in terms of readers. Not only did our parents read it, but our friends did too, which was a drastic improvement (we actually had around 24,000 unique visitors for the entire year…not exactly a big time operation).

Our overall goal is to write books and hopefully bring some change to the communities we live in. Of course, in our modern world, anyone and everyone can produce a book. Both of us have worked on manuscripts, but obviously no one would publish a manuscript from some unheard of author (nor should they, that’s an irresponsible financial risk). Since January 1, we’ve averaged around 350-380 views a day. Again, that’s really not a lot, but for us it’s okay. The main driver of views the last few days, however, has been Facebook, or people just sharing what we’ve written.

If you like what you read here, please share it. Our goal is to increase our readers to about 1,000 a day. We feel if we can sustain that number, we can justify self-publishing books (knowing we’d have an audience we could sell the books to). Again, we’re not looking to turn a profit or make a living on this stuff, we’re realist. But we do have to justify the financial costs involved in self-publishing and that can only be done if we know we have an audience that would actually purchase what we wrote.

Of course, this plea also comes with the promise that we’re going to do what we can to write more (that might upset a few people) and write succinctly. Josh, of course, has mastered the art of brevity. I, however, have not. I’ll get there.

I already have one manuscript that is done and simply needs editing(What Sinners Dare Not Dream: Hope Fulfilled). Josh already has a very short, satirical book published. Point being, we have some things we really want to put out there, but lack the audience to justify doing so. If you like what we write and mostly agree with it, then please share our website via Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth, email, or smoke signals (check with the EPA on that last one). If you have a website and want to repost something we wrote, then please do it (just provide a link back to us). If not, then don’t worry about it. Either way, we’ll continue to write on here and our mothers will continue to be proud of us (mostly).