A is For…Abortion

Apparently, there is a new movement called “A is For…” where celebrities and others speak up about “women’s health.” The reality is they’re concerned over the anti-abortion legislation and attitudes that have arisen within our government and the general populace. Masking this as a women’s health issue, they’re attempting to remove the stigma of an abortion and almost make it a virtue. While I do believe and have stated previously that supporters of the pro-life movement, especially Christians, must be careful how they approach those who have had abortions, to make it into a virtue goes beyond the pale.

To create a movement that celebrates abortion, however, is morally vapid. It isn’t about women’s reproduction rights or about controlling women. After all, there aren’t any major movements attempting to displace women from leadership roles in America, have them wear dresses, or forbidding bikinis. The entire debate over women’s rights ends up on the one issue where two human lives are concerned; that of the mother and that of the unborn human.

So what is A really for?

A is for Asinine…the belief that the abortion debate solely concerns women’s rights is asinine. If anything, the debate concerning abortion from a pro-life perspective has literally nothing to do with women’s rights; not because we devalue women, but because we value life so much. To say that people who want to eradicate abortions simply because they hate women or are against women’s rights is akin to saying those against the radical honor killings in Islam are somehow anti-Islam; in the case of abortion there are women who are against abortion, just as there are Muslims against honor killings. From a pro-life perspective we can value a woman’s rights so long as her rights don’t infringe upon another person’s rights. Those who are pro-choice simply leave aside the idea that the fetus is a human person qualified for the minimum right to life; the pro-life side is simply attempting to push them back to this point. We believe that no one has the right to take an innocent human person’s life. The arguments used for abortion are weak, but they’re used because they make it more palatable. Abortion is completely asinine.

A is for Atrocity…an atrocity is any act that is wicked and cruel, involving a lot of physical pain and suffering. Thus, a warlord sending his minions through a village to murder the innocent via machete is an atrocity; it goes beyond an act of war and causes great suffering to the person involved. Abortion is an atrocity, due to the suffering it causes the fetus and the potential emotional suffering it can cause to the woman (not to mention physical side effects). The abortion terminates a human life, typically by ripping the body apart. While not all women suffer from emotional side-effects, quite a few do suffer emotional damage and hold on to regret. This can and does lead to bigger problems later in life.

A is for Abhorrent…abortion is abhorrent because we’re eradicating future generations. 1973 is when abortion was erroneously protected as a right by a flawed Supreme Court. Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of this horrible decision. 40 years of eradicating doctors, scientists, historians, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. 40 years of murdering our own children. Let us assume we came across a hidden culture where if a child got in the way of a parent, no matter the age, the parent could simply have the child killed. Certainly this would cause moral disgust within us; that is what it means when something is abhorrent.

A is for Anthropophagic…this is simply a big word for “cannibalistic.” Abortion is a type of cannibalism in that we’re eating away at our future. We’re sacrificing our children for our own selfish desires. On the “A is for” website, men are told that they should fight for abortion because they may not be ready to be fathers. Women are told to fight for it because they may not be ready to be mothers. Essentially, what we’re being told is that in order to sate our own selfish hunger for autonomy, we must feed on the flesh of our unborn children. While we don’t literally eat them, we eat their lives away in order to sustain our own. What would have happened if your grandparents were killed in the cradle because the parents were afraid they couldn’t feed them? Your parents, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, your brothers and sisters, potentially your children and you’re grandchildren would all be dead. The act of abortion doesn’t just devour the life of the fetus, but kills all future lives that would result from that child. In one act of abortion we cannibalize millions so we can protect ourselves.

A is for Apostasy…the more pagan and secular a society becomes, the more its children are left by the wayside. For both the Greeks and the Romans, under their pagan stages it was fairly common for children to be molested and used as sexual objects. Even as Rome became more secular via Stoicism (prior to Christianity), unwanted children were often left for dead. For the Ancient Near East children were often offerred up as sacrifices to the god Moloch. In the Eastern Bloc, under secular Communism, children were often abandoned by parents in orphanages where they were left to fend for themselves.  When modernity hit the West we began to see children forced into factories; it wasn’t until Christians stood up against this that we began to see reform. Apostasy is the denial of God, but the consequences of apostasy is that we end up denying ourselves. In our attempt to kill God we inevitably end up killing ourselves because we are made in his image. Abortion is a symptom of a greater disease, but it is a symptom we must treat.

A is for Awful…abortion brings to mind nothing good. No one does (or at least no one should) celebrate abortions. The reason is the context that begets an abortion is never a good one. Sadly, the majority of abortions that occur today are with women who have the financial means to sustain a child, but just don’t want the responsibility. 57% of the women who have abortions are between the ages of 20-29, meaning they’re starting their professional careers, so typically a child is “in the way.” However, for the 16% who are under the age of 18, or the .3% under the age of 15, or those in poverty, or those who were raped, it’s an awful situation. Our society is structured in such a way as to tell these women that the only way for them to continue on with life is to kill their own child. We have few support systems for single mothers (who account for about 85%) and sadly many pro-life advocates are ardent fiscal conservatives, meaning they’d like to see abortion banned, but will also withhold tax dollars to help the women impacted by this. Abortion is an awful situation because while it takes a human life, it also exposes our society as empty and uncaring.

A is for Abortion…which is everything I have described it to be. That’s all this movement is supporting; not women’s rights, not anything noble; it’s supporting the intentional killing of an innocent human being.


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