I’m reposting this as it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. Namely, why is it that atheists are so set on adopting Christian morality within the secular name? Such an action is quite impossible; this is something Nietzsche saw (simply read Book V of “The Gay Science”). Perhaps others see it, but are simply too afraid to admit it.

A long time ago in an ancient kingdom, the young peasant decided one day to go throw rocks at the king’s castle.

As the young peasant was walking along the street with an angry look on his face, an old fellow with a big bushy mustache and a thick German accent came up to the young lad with an inquisitive look upon his face.

“And where might you be going?” asked the old man.

“I am heading to the castle to throw rocks at the king’s windows.”

“And why might you want to do that?”

“What concern of yours is it old man?” the young peasant replied.

“Ah, have you not heard of me? I am the greatest spectacle this town has ever seen. My name is Zarathustra. Many find me crazy. Many others hate me. But I hold out hope that one day someone will grasp my teachings. Until…

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