Mystic Mondays – The Mysterious Hope of Things to Come

Once in the Garden of Eden, at the beginning of our sorrows, the pre-incarnate Christ walked within the Garden looking for Man and Woman. He knew what had occurred. He knew His creation had rebelled. He knew the pain and suffering that was to come.

We can almost hear the pain as we read the most overlooked, but painful words within the entire Bible, “And the LORD God said unto them, ‘Where are you?’” God knew where they were, He knew where they were hiding; His question was a rhetorical one. Man answered and admitted to his rebellion and Woman confessed what she had done. The march toward Calvary had begun.

In a small insignificant town in the Roman province of Judea, the Christ child was born. God in the flesh, Jesus Christ, Son of God who was present at creation and the Fall, had come to fix what was broken.

We cannot begin to fathom what the world looked like through the eyes of Christ. For Him to walk in human flesh amongst His creation, to see the effects of sin on His world, what did the incarnate God feel? “Where are you” He must have uttered to creation as He walked through the various towns of Judea.

God asked Man and Woman where they were, but He did not wait on them to come find Him. He instead went into the world to find them.

God incarnate, who cursed Man for his rebellion, who sought after Man in the Garden, hung upon a cross. The crafty serpent of old thought he had defeated God, but Christ arose, solidifying His solution. The serpent had bruised His heal, but He had crushed the head of the serpent.

“Where are you?” His question echoes throughout human history up to the present age and all the way to when He returns. “Where are you?” As He watches humanity rip itself apart, as He watches humanity turn against Him on a daily basis, He must be asking, “Where are you?”

Yet, in this rebellious world there are those who are covered by His Son. Just as Man and Woman needed a covering to hide their nakedness, their shame, we too have a covering to hide our wickedness, our shame. Our covering is the blood of Christ.

Those who belong to Him shall one day walk with Him again. There is a future hope, an end to our suffering, a time where we will not sin, where we will be done in our rebellion.

There will be a time when those who suffer from physical ailments, from these disease-ridden bodies, shall be given new bodies where such pain is gone. The blind will look into the eyes of Christ and see the wondrous acts of His love. The deaf shall hear with clarity the songs of the angels praising God almighty. The hungry will feast with the Lord at the great banquet table. The orphans shall feel the loving embrace of their Heavenly Father and no longer feel the sting of loneliness.

There will be a time when the oppressed shall experience freedom in the presence of the Spirit. Those who are bed-ridden, those who are diseased, those who suffer constant pain will walk amongst God’s beautiful creation, dancing and leaping across His land with Christ by their sides.

But all of this pales in comparison to the reconciliation we will have with Him. We will no longer offend Him. We will no longer contradict Him. We will be in perfect union with the Father as we fall down and worship Him eternally. We will no longer have to hear those painful and cursed words, “Where are you?” We shall instead hear His soothing words of grace; “I have found you.”

3 thoughts on “Mystic Mondays – The Mysterious Hope of Things to Come

  1. What a horrible horrible God that would be if any of it were true. After reading your post I find no reason to be respectful to adults that believe in this nonsense. Rather, I will offer advice on seeking a psychiatric evaluation.
    Of course, you were being satirical, and don’t believe any of this yourself, right?
    Now I have a burning desire to watch After The Rapture again. You’ve seen it before, right?

    1. Akron, a few things:

      1) You are a guest here, I hope you do realize that. We’ve allowed you to post because generally you’re kind and thoughtful. Please take note, however, of the website’s name: The


      Watershed. This should be an indicator to you that Christian thoughts will be present.

      2) We get it, you’re an atheist. You’ve made that point in every single comment you’ve made on this site and proceeded to state that ad naseam. If you don’t like what a post says when it’s obviously meant towards a Christian audience, then simply don’t comment.

      3) Rather than attempting to evangelize us to atheism, perhaps you could actually add to the discussion without consistently making this about a “Christianity vs Atheism” issue. Some posts, specifically the “Mystic Mondays” are not meant to be for atheists. If you don’t like it, don’t comment.

      4) If you keep it up then it will simply be considered trolling as you’re detracting from the threads. That is the very definition of being a troll by producing red herrings and bringing up points completely unrelated to the threads.

      We appreciate you being here, but you need to stop trying to force a debate.

      And for the record, if I didn’t believe in everything stated above then I wouldn’t have written it. I believe it 100%. I’m sorry you’re bothered by the fact that a fully functional, rational human being could believe these things, but instead of acting like an arrogant teenager, perhaps you could learn the art of tolerance and attempt to understand a religious position rather than bashing it. That’s just some advice and a response is not needed.

  2. AKron, I’m still waiting for you to write a blog so that we can make foolish, yet sarcastic, remarks on it 😉

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