A Selfish Generation

According to Yahoo news, more and more people are abandoning the idea of having children in America (and globally). The reasons vary, but the article points to the belief that having children makes a couple unhappier and places a major financial burden on the couple.

Obviously, when it comes to having children, there is a major financial burden involved. For instance, I can survive on a reduced income compared to Josh simply because I don’t have kids while he does. Once I’m married, the years without children will be less stressful because it’ll just be my wife and myself. So no one can or should argue that having children doesn’t increase the responsibilities for an individual. Sadly, however, we are a society that tends to shirk responsibility unless there is something in it for us, hence we’re trending towards not wanting children.

To me, such a trivial thing underscores how selfish we are as Americans. It’s one thing to want to avoid having children because you can barely feed yourself, much less someone else. It’s a whole other to refuse to have children because you want to drive the nicest cars, live a completely independent life, or have nice things. If the reason one is avoiding having children is because the focus is on one’s self, then that person is a child in the body of an adult.

Having children requires sacrifices, responsibility, the putting of someone else first, and patience. In other words, it requires love. So perhaps many of these couples who simply don’t want to have a child due to their materialistic dreams are couples that simply lack love.



5 thoughts on “A Selfish Generation

  1. Apparently I can survive on a reduced income too . . . very reduced 😉 Good article Joel!

  2. If selfishness is what’s required to control our population then I’m all for it. Women for the first time in history don’t have to be baby rearing machines to maintain the population, and are now free to pursue other interests. Not all women, of course. The more uneducated and poor a woman is, the more likely it is she’ll have a large family that can barely support itself too. Is it selfish for the German government to tell it’s citizens to have more children so there will be people working to pay for the pensioners? Is it selfish of the Catholic church to teach birth control is wrong, and large families are good? I think that’s completely irresponsible in today’s society.
    The children in adult bodies aren’t really the ones who are avoiding children in my experience. Those people are happily having babies left and right. The only hope is that the mother get at least some sort of child support payment from the father each month. It’s a lot easier to have babies than to not have babies.
    The most misunderstood concept today is the concept of exponential growth, and it’s killing us.
    PZ put up a pretty good video this morning. It seems like someone took documentary videos and auto-tuned the people to have them sing what they were saying. Petty neat! The reason I mention it is because of what is said at 3:30 minutes. Enjoy!
    The Story of Us: Symphony of Science – “Children of Africa”

    1. It’s one thing for people to refuse to have children because of population growth. Such people could, in turn, adopt one or two of the millions of unwanted and poverty-stricken kids around the world. This, in my opinion, would show true responsibility with their beliefs. But you’re missing the entire point – these people said they don’t want kids because they enjoy the lifestyles they have. So while you may applaud them for their efforts in population control, what about the fact that by refusing to even adopt children they’re leaving kids in the system of orphanages and group homes? What about the fact that they’re helping to perpetuate poverty by not adopting some of these kids?

      That is what i mean by “selfish.”

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