My Life as a Samaritan Woman (Guest Post)

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Carolyn Williams

I have been writing since I was a little girl.  Over my lifetime I’ve been married, given birth to three beautiful children, and divorced from a nineteen year marriage. Through all the drama and heartache, writing has helped me stay sane.  The devil has tried to ruin my life in so many ways, but I have overcome it all. God has blessed me so much and inspired me to inspire others through my gift he has blessed me with. I’m happy that I am standing strong to tell how God has taught me many lessons through my writing. I hope my writing will inspire you to stay strong, and keep pressing on for Him

Well this is a story I did not want to tell of how I use to be a Samaritan Woman. In my obedience to God I am going to share my experience God revealed to me, when I was a woman at the well.

I was baptized as a teenager and believed in Jesus Christ. So how could my life be like a woman at the well? Then the Lord took me back to the devastating time almost six years ago, when I caught my husband in the bed with another woman. Asking God how could this happen to me after all we had been through? Then the pain turn to anger I was going to beat him at his own game. Who was he to play me someone who is capable of writing the rule book? Then I tried to justify my sins because of my husband’s infidelity and then his abandonment. So I begin looking for love in all the wrong places.

God revealed to me this is how I was like the woman at the well, one man left or did not work out just find another to fill his shoes. I thought I was better than the woman at the well because I was not fooling with anyone’s husband or living with a man. My husband had broken the marriage covenant and defiled our bed. The Holy Spirit reminded me but my actions were sinful too. How I was going to the well thirsty for love because the one I love left and left a void in my life. Father how could he use your words to sustain me, but the same words did not sustain him?

God all along you was trying to talk to me but I was so angry and I did not care to listen. I was angry with him for betraying me, myself for investing twenty years of my life for nothing, and you God for not allowing it to stay together. I heard about the living water but how do I get it? But Jesus was still faithful on my way to the well (the club) and reminded me the love I find at this well was superficial.  Because the water (love) I received from this well is only temporal and how I would come to draw water day after day leaving with an empty bucket (my soul).

My child may I have a drink of water you seek form this well, and can you trust me to fill the void? I said, “Jesus you seen how they hurt me your obedient child and what extent I went through to hold it together for so long. Jesus replied, “My child you can’t see the goodness of the hand of God because of your pain. So come back to the living water in spite of your temporal circumstances.” Jesus my pain is so deep how can I go on from here.

I know the sacrifices that need to make to receive the living water. In my pain Lord it over took my mind I did not have enough strength to pull myself out of the pit. My child all of your life you been going to all types of well even in your marriage your mate did not quench your thirst. He only saturated your lips with a temporary liquid but still left your soul thirsty. These wells in life can not quench your thirst because I am the only living water.

Father I thought I had been seeking your living water. My child you sought it but when you get hurt by man you are angry with me. See my child you can never find this love in humans which the living water provides (a love that surpasses anything you can even imagine) my love flows for eternity. Father I want the water to quench my thirst for eternity that I may never come to draw water at a well again.

Jesus said, “Go tell your husband and return.”

Jesus I have no husband because he has left.

Jesus said to me, “You are right your husband did leave. You tried to justify your sins because of your pain. You got angry at me when I don’t fix things, when you do not consult me at first. But you took on a husband that was not your own by participating in acts reserved for marriage. What you said is quite true.

I said, “Jesus nothing is hidden from you. My mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, etc. have worshipped and displayed their trust in you daily.

Jesus said. “It is time for you to worship me whole heartily not just on the surface but at all times. I seek true worshippers and know the heart of man.

I exclaimed, “Jesus now is the time I truly understand the importance of having your living water”

Jesus declared, “I am the only true and living God and no one should come before me.”

Just then my friends arrived I met at this well to see my crying. But no one asked me what was wrong because this was their well also? Then I left my water jug (everything I had been carrying on the inside) at the well and went back to my home. I begin to tell everyone of how Jesus revealed everything about me and nothing was hidden from him. How he wanted to supply the living water in order for me to never be thirsty again. They were amazed because they were witness of my pain and how I handled it. Many from the neighborhood believed because of my testimony. They told me they no longer believed because of what I said but because they tried Jesus for themselves and received the living water too. So all the relationships I have experienced in my life was the direct result of being like the Samaritan Woman.

One who has been thirsty for love that the living water can only fulfill because Jesus is the ultimate lover. This love is something no human will ever be able to do because Jesus love is unconditional not like man. Also, the living water I received from Jesus caused me to never go to the wells in life and gather water.

I always need to remember when circumstance occur in my life, just know who I am, whose I am, and I am loved by Jesus Christ who laid down his life for me. I learned the woman at the well was thirsty but she didn’t know what she was thirsting for in her life.

We all have wells (addiction, infidelity, depression, self-centered, selfishness, etc.) in our life and we try to fill them without Jesus. I was like her at the well trying to fill a physical need (love) with a physical substance (the clubs). How gracious Jesus is to meet you just where you are in life. He fulfilled my spiritual needs so I would no longer be controlled by my physical needs.