Being Healthy for God

The author, Christina Williams, is a guest author. 

Christina Williams

I have been writing since I was a little girl.  Over my lifetime I’ve been married, given birth to three beautiful children, and divorced from a nineteen year marriage. Through all the drama and heartache, writing has helped me stay sane.  The devil has tried to ruin my life in so many ways, but I have overcome it all. God has blessed me so much and inspired me to inspire others through my gift he has blessed me with. I’m happy that I am standing strong to tell how God has taught me many lessons through my writing. I hope my writing will inspire you to stay strong, and keep pressing on for Him

Lord my pray is to be healthy for you

Then I will have the strength to do the things you ask me to do

In your word it says they have no struggles when their bodies are strong and healthy

Father, free me from the burdens that are common to man, by taking better care of my body

Lord, I know I can’t change my lifestyle without you

So Father lead me in the healthy changes you want me to do

God not sinning with gluttony by eating what I see

So Father lead me in the healthy changes you want me too

Lord you have been faithful in bringing us through

When we needed healing as a result