A Golden Poem

Consider thy ways o rich man

Ponder upon the wealth you pursue

Gathering possessions however you can

For avarice there’s nothing you won’t do

Why do you envy him poor and distraught

Why do you want his gold

Why trade your plight for his lot

What good will it be when you are old?

Become richer than your neighbor

But across town there is one richer than you

For material luxury you increase your labor

Forgetting one day death will require your due

What is a yacht compared to an empty stomach

Or designer boots compared to bare feet

For eternal life you can’t write a check

It is the one thing you cannot cheat

God holds everything within His hand

And your wealth is simply on loan

Charity with your wealth is His demand

Or His punishment you will bemoan

A car, a house, the best clothes

All burned up in the fire

For everyone undoubtedly knows

His will should be your desire

Give to the poor, the widows, the oppressed

Give without ceasing or without cue

For it is by the Cross we are blessed

His life was given for you