This is by a guest author, Christina Brown

Christina Brown

Christina Brown received her BA in Intercultural Studies from Crown College and currently resides in Fort Worth, TX.  Her interests lie largely in how the gospel can reach every nation around the world and how to become more culturally aware.   She enjoys discussing matters of Missiology, Theology and Philosophy and writes many of her thoughts in the form of poetry

Fall down before

Cry out and weep

His Glory

His Glory

Feel His fire

Repent, release

Oh, Majesty

His Majesty

Mourn and die

The self to cease

His Death

His Death

Arisen, new birth

Our Great High Priest

His Love

His Love

Commune be one

Earth’s septs to see

His Body

His Body

Oh, world to fall

He waits, be free

His Mercy

His Mercy

Resurrect and reign

Lamb’s praises sing

His Coming

His Coming

Judgment of fire

Shepherd of sheep

His Wrath

His Peace

No more to cry



His Eternity…