“Abortions Should be Safe, Legal, and Few” and Other Illogical Statements

Two things keep coming up within the pro-choice crowd that really don’t make any sense to me; first, they say they want to reduce the number of abortions, and secondly they say they never want to eradicate abortion for cases of rape and incest.

The first one doesn’t make sense to me because what reason do we have to make abortion rare if the fetus isn’t a human person? If abortion is just a medical procedure, then why make it rare? We don’t make removing warts rare or getting treatment for cancer rare, so why would abortion be the lone exception?

When abortionists make such a claim, they are either being inconsistent or lying. Either they really do want abortions to dwindle in number, in which case we ask “Why?”, or they’re simply saying it to get people off their backs. If the first is true, then they must be giving credence to the idea that the fetus is worth some value, in which case abortion becomes abhorrent. If, instead, they are lying, then we must ask why they feel the need to lie. If, after all, an abortion is simply a medical procedure, why don’t they justify that position rather than lying about desiring a lowered number of abortions?

The second position is one where some in the pro-choice crowd who admit that while they believe abortion should be banned for “at will” abortions, they should still be allowed in cases of rape or incest. In fact, if one takes the stance that abortion should be banned in cases of rape or incest, one takes the risk of being labeled an extremist. But what people fail to notice is the necessity of logical thinking. If the fetus is a human person, then even if he comes about because of rape or incest, he is still entitled to certain rights. So while the event is absolutely tragic, there is no reason to compound the tragedy by killing an innocent human life. Likewise, if we believe that abortions should be few because we believe the fetus to be a human life, then why would rape and incest serve as exceptions?

In short, it seems that the pro-choice crowd has taken an illogical position because they’re too afraid to say what they’re really thinking, mostly because what they’re really thinking lacks any scientific or philosophical reasoning.