Random Thoughts for October 26, 2010

* The problem with liberation theology (of any sort) is that it pits the oppressed against the oppressor. It calls for the liberation of person from person. All the while it ignores the Biblical teaching that all men are oppressed by sin and all need liberation from sin, regardless of skin color, culture, or economic status.

* When it comes to social justice, we must remember that the Gospel is the highest good. While we are called to help people regardless of their beliefs, all our actions should point to Christ.

* If there is no justice in the afterlife, then is God really a God of love? If your eldest son continually punches your younger son and shows no remorse, do you really show love to your younger son by giving your oldest son a new room with an Xbox 360?

* People have lost faith in the government because the government lost faith in morality. A government ruled by pragmatism and not virtue is a government that will inevitably oppress its people.

* God is not an idea, but a Being. It would be appropriate to treat Him as such.

* The Church is failing because we don’t understand the Trinity. If we were to approach the Trinity as the Trinity – and not as a means to a theological end – we would truly begin to understand Christianity and how we should live.