Christians don’t help themselves by being reactionary

The title might raise a few eyebrows, but hear me out.

Recently I witnessed a popular Christian website put up a video about abortion protestors at a university being kicked off the university (even though they were students) because of their protests. They were holding up signs of aborted babies, thus the graphic nature was the main reason the university objected to them being on the campus (and this was a public university). The comment section exploded with comments talking about how Christians are being persecuted, how if this were a pro-abortion case no one would have an issue, how their Constitutional rights were being trampled, and that America was losing all of its freedom. The biggest problem with the comments? The protest took place in Ottawa and that it took place in Ottawa was plainly evident in the video (for those who don’t know, Ottawa is in Canada…for those who really don’t know, Canada is not subject to the US Constitution).

Had these commenters paid attention they could have saved themselves some anger and stress over losing their nation. But unfortunately, they reacted rather than contemplated. This is the problem not only with Christians, but with America in general; we’re a reactionary people. Rather than contemplating what we have heard, we react. This may be due to our fast-paced culture or to the fact that we feel we have an opinion that has to be heard and if we don’t express it now it’ll be irrelevant, but the fact is that we react rather than consider what we have seen or contemplate on all sides of an issue. Such reaction has actually radicalized components of Christianity, such as those who would display the bodies of dead babies in order to prove a point.

The problem with such radicals is they don’t understand the self-defeating nature of putting the picture of an aborted child on a poster. For instance, would we find it tactful and appropriate for anti-war groups to put up graphic pictures of dead soldiers? Pictures that showed the soldiers with bullet holes? Pictures where soldiers are torn limb from limb because of IED attacks? Would such pictures be appropriate in order to protest a war?

Most people would answer in the negative and for good reason; it exposes and exploits the dead when the reality is we should honor the dead. Likewise, how are we being “pro-life” when we exploit the dead? How are we calling for people to recognize the dignity of the unborn when we strip away what little dignity the dead have by using them as fodder for our cause? But because we are reactionary, we immediately support such actions because, “Hey, they’re on our side!” But if we were less reactionary we wouldn’t find ourselves in these situations.

So yes, while in America students should have the right to protest abortion on a public university campus, that doesn’t mean they are right in doing so. Putting up pictures of aborted fetuses doesn’t win people over. One Christian providing shelter to expectant mothers and adopting unwanted children speaks volumes more than 2 million protestors.

While the rest of America becomes more and more reactionary, as Christians we need to step back because we are called to a higher standard. If we do so we can save ourselves the embarrassment of looking misinformed in our objections to something. But more importantly, by being less reactionary and contemplating on things done or on issues, we can better evaluate how Christ would approach an issue and how He would react and then do likewise.


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