Random Thoughts for 9/28

* There is a ‘See You at the Pole’ event, but why not a ‘See You at the Homeless Man’s Corner’ event? Or a ‘See You at the Corner Where the Young Pregnant Mother-to-be Looks for a Place to Live Because Her Pastor Father Kicked Her out of the House’ event? Praying for the recovery of our nation is useless unless we work at it too; God will not wave a magic wand and turn everything into a Christian Utopia.

* Why is it when Christians – liberal or conservative – describe what Jesus would do or how Jesus was, it’s eerily similar to how the person is? Could it be that we’ve ceased to be challenged by Christ? Could it be that rather than conforming to the image of Christ, we’ve conformed Christ to our image?

* How do we know that we’re being challenged by Christ? Easy – we are uncomfortable in our beliefs and convicted in what we do (or don’t do). If we feel at ease in all that we believe and all that we do, then we are worshiping an idol and not Christ.

* What is government to Christians if not a foreign agency? Why do we swear allegiance to a flag when we would turn against the nation if God required it? We must pray for our leaders, but realize they are not our true rulers. We must submit to the government, insofar as their laws coincide with God’s laws.

* As Christ is so shall we be; is there a more comforting reality?

* Christianity is losing it’s absolutism, most likely because of cultural shifts in our society. Thus, we see the danger in tying Christianity to culture; as culture changes, so does Christianity. Christianity is supposed to be the absolute foundation that the sand shifts around, the one stable element that adapts to the culture, but does not reflect or assimilate into the culture. Instead, it has become an aspect of the culture and is subject to major trends.

* People don’t like the idea of God judging us, but if He is loving, won’t He judge? If there are not ultimate consequences in life, how are victims vindicated? How are the oppressed justified? If no justice comes to those who perpetuate evil acts in this world, then how can we say that God loves the victims?

* We like the story of the Good Samaritan, but we miss the impact it had on the audience because of the original audience. Change the Samaritan to an illegal immigrant or an Afghan and you’ll have a similar feeling the original audience have (and the meaning will stay the same).

* Since when did we begin to label things as “White” whenever we see them as evil or wrong? Colonialism is a “White” ideology. A church is evil if the membership is all white (but not if they’re all Asian, black, or Latino). Rather than eradicating racism, we’ve simply changed the target of racism.

* America is losing her influence in the world and within the next few decades will no longer be a superpower. This will enrage quite a few Americans, but if they are Christians it should mean little to them. Christianity has survived the collapse of empires and kingdoms before; cling to Christ, not your flag, and you will be okay.