Random Thoughts for 9/24

* The world doesn’t need more Christians who are self-made martyr’s, Christians who shove abrasive placards in the faces of those who don’t know Christ and then claim martyrdom when arrested. The world needs Christians who sacrifice their lives for the world and who, on dreadful and wonderful occasions, are killed for refusing to abandon their love in Christ, not for displaying their hatred for mankind.

* Just as when Christ came down in a raging fire to Moses, but did not destroy the bush, so too did He come down and burn away the sin of human flesh without destroying human flesh.

* Prison should be a place of reform for those we can reform. Yes, the inmates have done horrible things, but they are still made in the image of God and therefore deserve to be treated humanly; after all, aren’t we better than them?

* Before we judge inmates too quickly for their crimes and ship them off to never be seen again, understand that the only difference between an inmate and most other people is the inmate got caught. Prisons are full of criminals who are bad at their vocation of being a criminal. The world is full of people who are simply very good at it.

* Everything in the Bible points to Christ – from the Spirit hovering over the void we learn that the Spirit hovered over the spiritual void; just as God spoke through His Word to create the world, God then sent His Word into the world to redeem creation; just as God gave Adam and Eve animal skins to cover their shame, He became slaughtered and gave Himself for our own shame; just as humanity’s demise was found in the Garden of Eden, humanity’s salvation was found in the Garden of Gethsemane; truly everything in Scripture has a literal truth and an allegorical truth, with one of the two pointing to Christ.

* Why would Christians deny the resurrection? It is our one hope. It is not pie-in-the-sky thinking nor is it an excuse to ignore the plight of today; rather, it is the justification for helping the poor and lame today, while also giving them hope that paradise awaits them.

* Death is bittersweet for the Christian. We are sad to lose companionship, but happy the person now lives without pain; we are happy for the person’s rewards of Heaven, but jealous that we are still here. For the community, death is bittersweet. For the individuals, it releases them from this occupied earth into the loving arms of their Liberator.

* Growing up the Christian community was worried about losing Generation X. I regret to inform this old generation that Generation X is gone. I now point you to teenagers who are in high school and to young adults in college and tell you that you are losing them now. Not because we are not creative enough, not because we lack proper music for them, not because people wear suits and ties to church; we are losing this generation for two reasons and two reasons alone: first, we lack substance in our teaching and secondly, we lack substance in our living. Should we teach a substantial lesson and live substantial lives, this generation will turn to Christ like no other generation before them.

* Is there anything more ugly and more perverse in this world than one who knows the truth of Christ and who stands fast to the truthful tenets of the Christian faith, but lacks love? Telling Muslims, homosexuals, and others that they are going to hell unless they repent might be true, but the truth is not heard over the perceived hatred. It is easier to hear about Christ when Christ is sitting at your dinner table or laying by your hospital bed than when he is at your event protesting your presence.

* Truth is absolute in most cases. While some truth is contingent and therefore created, the importance truths in life are not created and instead are discovered. The most important Truth is not of our creation, is not a matter of perspective, and is not discovered through contemplation; the ultimate Truth is discovered through a relationship, for Truth is a man.