Random Thoughts for 9/18/2010

* Can we escape rationality? In order to recognize something as non-rational or irrational, don’t we first have to be rational?

* If Christ’s death on the cross was as a victim and not as a Savior, then what is our ultimate hope? If Christ as the God-man could not bring a revolution to full fruition, what hope do we have?

* To deny that sin exists is to only multiply the oppression of the unfortunate. For not only are the unfortunate kept in physical chains, we force them to remain in their spiritual chains as well. At least under the old view of Christianity the slave could hope for freedom in death; under the new Christianity he is not even granted that pardon.

* Abortion is an important issue because it deals with eradicating the innocent human person. But what about human trafficking, which rips away the dignity of the innocent human person? Both are evil and both should be pushed against by Christians.

* If a hemophiliac suffered a cut in front of us, would we chastise him for bleeding in excess to the normal person? If a woman with cancer undergoing treatment showed us she was bald, would we condemn her for having no hair? Then why do we condemn and protest agains the person suffering from the disease of sin? If they lack the cure who is Christ, then should we not expect to see such symptoms?

* It is better, if the church finds itself in an either/or situation, to give money to the poor of the church body and the community before building a new sanctuary. Cramped conditions can always find an easy solution without the procurement of money. Poverty can never be cured through a bigger sanctuary.

* The success of the Church depends on how faithful the congregation is to the doctrines of God and how faithful they are to each other. A church that would seek to deny the deity or human nature of Christ, the inspiration of Scripture, would be a failure. Likewise, a church that has a member who is on welfare or a single mother who looks for food stamps is equally a failure.

* Among those who are rich with the world’s wealth, there is great disparity, but all our souls are equally impoverished because of sin. At the foot of the Cross, all souls become equally rich. If God can do this with our souls, why can we not do this with our checkbooks, even with believers?

* Christ is a liberator, but did more than liberate us from earthly tyranny, but rather liberated us from the source of tyranny, which is sin.