Do you need more proof on Islam?

As though we needed more proof that Islam is violent and oppresses other religions, CBS’ 60 Minutes program did a special on the persecution the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is facing. As the video explains, this is not some obscure Christian leader; he is the patriarch to 300,000,000 Christians worldwide. Though not the same as the Roman Catholic Pope, what the Patriarch is facing is the equivalent of if Italy were to close Vatican City and attempt to oust all Christians in the nation.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Does anyone need any more proof that Islam isn’t tolerant or peaceful? Turkey is – without question – the most secular of all Muslims nations. Yet even in this “secular” nation Christians suffer. The simple truth is that Islam is not peaceful or tolerant. Take what you will from that, whether you think that’s good or bad is up to you, but we should not deceive ourselves into thinking that Islam meets the modern cosmopolitan idea of tolerance or peace.

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  1. Wow, what a humble and God-fearing man. I love Orthodox answers to questions.

    I will pray for these blessed saints in Turkey.

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