Damascene Cosmology – Conclusion

We now come to the end St. John’s cosmological argument. We see that all things must either be created or uncreated. There simply is no in-between for them. Something cannot be not created and not uncreated; it must be created or uncreated.

We also know that if something is mutable it is created and if something is immutable then it is uncreated. If it is mutable, it requires a creator because we know that an infinite regress is impossible. The immutable creator, however, is not subject to an infinite regress because he would not be compose of parts or changes and therefore could not be measured by time.

Everything that falls within our experience and all possible objects that could exist that we have yet to experience all require a creator. Such a creator would be, by necessity, God.

But this argument does not leave Christianity void and empty. We know that the Christian God does not change and in being Trinitarian he is the only possible God in existence if God is loving. We know that God did not change in the Incarnation, but rather he changed us.

To the Christians who have read this, I hope that it has strengthened your faith beyond measure. I hope mostly that rather than giving you ammunition to use in some apologetic debate, it has forced you to sit and contemplate on God and grow in him. To those who have sat on the fence, unsure of whether or not God exists, I hope that this removed your intellectual doubts. I hope that it has opened up the path for you to discover Jesus as he is, free from the skepticism of whether or not he existed. I hope you can now embrace that he exists and from there you can discover the beauty that is Christ. To those who remain unconvinced, I hope you at least see that Christianity is reasonable and logically solid. Even if you disagree with my premises, I would hope you see that the argument is sound and would abandon your cries that Christianity is illogical. I hope you have gained a new-found respect for the intellectual capability of Christianity, that we do not accept everything by blind faith, but test all things. To those who are skeptical, hold hostile feelings towards Christianity, and still find Christianity to be stupid, I pray that you will embrace civility and reason. To all, I pray that these arguments either make your current relationship with God deeper or would open you up to have a relationship with him, for intellectual acknowledgement is not enough; we must love him as he has loved us.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving[1]

O Lord, how I thank you for all that you have done. Where would I be without you? How would I know my way in the darkness of this world without your light? You more than light my path Lord, you are my path.

I thank you for your creation. I praise you for allowing us to know that you are a creator, so that those absent of your revelation can still know you exist and yearn for you. You, O unmovable God, who has moved all things and set them all in motion. Who can know the placement of the atoms? Who can know the true expanse of the universe? Who can measure it and comprehend it? Only you, O Creator, O Infinite. Only you are capable of knowing creation for it is by your word that you brought it about.

And this creation was not necessary! You did it out of your own love. It was out of no need that you created us, but in creating us we became needy for you. Prior to creation you existed in perfect love and harmony, blessed and holy Trinity. The Father, Son, and Spirit loving each other perfectly.

I thank you for revealing these things to us, for who are we to know you? You are holy and we are sinners. You are complete and we are incomplete. It is only in you that we become complete. It is only in your light that we have light. It is only in you that we know. Thank you God for sending your Word to us that you might elevate us to you as an equal in all things except being and identity. I praise you Father for all that you’ve done. I praise you Word for taking on human flesh to account for my deeds done against you. I praise you Spirit for coming into my life and illuminating my paths. May those who hate this work still find you. May those who find my writing inadequate and confusing gain understanding and clarity from you. May all see you in spite of my faults and me. I am but a fallen man who is a nobody. I pray that in all that I have written you are all people see. Lord have mercy upon me, a sinner.

[1] I understand that even among Christian intellectuals, it might be a bit taboo to offer a prose-like prayer after writing a long argument. I do not care though. I didn’t ultimately write this for anyone. Instead, I wrote it as an outpouring of my love for God that others might see he exists as he says he does and fall in love with him. Since it is written for him and he doesn’t seem to mind such prayers, I shall offer mine. If anyone thinks less of me for it, then so be it; this wasn’t written so I could harvest good graces from people.