Short Homilies – On Sin

Do you not take seriously the sin you commit against a holy and righteous God, O Man? Why do you celebrate your sin as though it were something good? Why do you act as though you should be proud in your rebellion? What pride is found in rebellion when it goes against all that is good? Or do you deny that God is good? You twist and warp his holy standard to suit your own pleasures. “This is not really a sin” you say to yourself. “Surely God wouldn’t think this is a sin!” You then twist the Scriptures like an uneducated fool so that you might live as you desire.

O foolish Man! Do you not see that you are repeating the mistakes of your father Adam? He saw the fruit, the object of his desire, as a way to be like God. He knew that if he were like God he could be independent of God and so he ate of the fruit. Why do you condemn him, but eat of the fruit daily? Do you not see that sin is rebellion against God? The root of sin is the desire for autonomy. You justify your sins so that you can be independent of God.

But do not be so foolish O Man. God is not moved and he has no equal! You think you can declare something is not a sin or an offense to God? You think you can tell God that he is wrong in declaring your personal taste a sin? Move the stars and then you might have something to say. Bring matter into existence by your very word and you might be able to approach God. Be holy in all things and you might be able to converse with the Almighty on what is good.

Do you not realize that he is all that is good, that goodness exudes from him? To question what is good is to question God.  Are you so bold as to question God’s knowledge of himself? Are you so bold as to question the all-knowing and all-good God on if he knows what is best for us?

You continue in your sin because you are blinded by your pleasure. You desire to be the best amongst men for your own vainglory. What does it benefit you? What do you gain? Do you not realize that you will die in a short while? You are nothing in the comparison of time. You toil for your own wants and desires and in so doing establish a legacy of vapor. You would do well to spray a mist into the air and declare, “This is my legacy!” For that is all you are in broad span of time, a vapor that is lost in a few seconds.

But you pursue these temporary pleasures because you live for seconds. The wise man lives for God and realizes that God is in eternity, thus the temporal pleasures of the flesh mean nothing to the wise man. But you are a fool who cannot see past tomorrow. Do you not realize that your life shall be demanded of you at some point? What will you have to show for it?

Rather than living for yourself, live for God. We are temporal and therefore all that we do will not matter after we are gone, but if we live for God then we will be immortal. Let your actions be founded in him in all that you do. It is through his eternality that we find our own eternality.

Turn from your sin and cease your rebellion against God. It is a battle that you will not win. Instead, submit to him through your free will before it is too late. Submit to him and follow him in his ways, for they are holy and good. Know that he will bring us no harm, but will only bring us good. Seek not after yourself, but instead after your Creator, for this is your only hope.


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