Short Homilies – On the Fall of Man and its Impact

The little girl cries as the man leaves her little shack. The darkness of this world has overpowered her. At such a young age she sits there as a prostitute, sold into sex slavery as though she were a prize. Multiple men visit her, but none off her any salvation. Day in and day out she must face the torture of this life. This world is broken.

As Susan falls to the floor she catches a sight of her son out the corner of her eye. As she falls down she motions for him to go back to his room. Before he can turn away, he witnesses his father – in a drunken rage – grab his mother by her hair and begin the process of beating her all over again. The son will face similar beatings as he grows up and proceed to unleash those beatings on his wife and children one day. This world is broken.

Robert sits in the chair next to his dying wife. He holds her hand as she struggles with every breath. The cancer has taken so much of her away. As he kisses her on her forehead, he watches painfully as she slips into eternity. Years of love, all the planning, promising to spend the rest of their lives together all comes to an end as her heart stops beating. In his early thirties, he must now face the fact that he is a single father – though he wants to mourn, he has no time because he has to take care of his daughter by himself. This world is broken.

Many people would attempt to deny that sin exists or that humans freely choose to sin. They would argue that this world is slowly progressing toward a better position. They would argue that humans are basically good. Yet, to the oppressed, to the poor, to the destitute, to those who’s lives have been blackened by the dark soot of sin, evil is very much a part of this world. This world is broken.

There is a lot of talk about ‘hope’. When asked to define hope, people merely say, “That things will get better.” They place their hope in causes and in politicians, not aware that their hope will be crushed to the ground. The same people who rejoice over the change they think has come will one-day gnash their teeth at the ‘hope’ they once saw. No politician, no human, can offer hope when that person is also in need of hope.  Yet, people continue to place their hope in people and institutions that often cause the darkness that we see in this world. This world is broken.

This world is weary. Children are suffering from starvation; wives are being infected with HIV by their promiscuous husbands; mothers are suffering through sleepless nights, wondering where their drug-addicted children are; little girls who should be innocent are being sold into the most perverse forms of slavery; husbands are wondering how they can provide for their families during tough economic times; our society is being lied to and being told that true happiness is found in an expensive image; this world is broken.


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