Short Homilies – An Introduction

These are short “sermons” that are written as a prose. They are meant to cause someone to think and to seek God in all things. They are not deep on technical language (as some of my other posts are), but instead are meant to challenge the whole of a person. The intellect, emotions, the heart, and everything about you should be challenged, uplifted, and convicted when reading these.

I do not write these as someone who sees himself as an expert or above such things. I write these to myself and to others who share in my nature (other humans). Many of these homilies stem from my own internal dialogue with myself, especially the ones concerning sin. Do not think that I express any of this in a haughty manner, but rather I express these as humbly as I can.

For all the mentioning of our sin I also attempt to explain our future glory in Christ and the hope that we have now. We must never forget that while we are fallen we are also forgiven and therefore redeemed. In being redeemed we are to seek God in all that we do so that we might become like him.

Some of these are new and some are reposts of things I have posted before, but they fit with what I’m doing here.

Please enjoy these as I have enjoyed writing them.


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