Reflections on the Trinity – On the Word

O blessed Word of God, how we worship you! It is through you that all things were created. It is through you that we have existence. The begotten of the Father, but uncreated and timeless, you share all things with the Father except in this; you were begotten of the Father, not in the way we humans are begotten, but in a mystery that we mere humans will never know.

I reflect upon your good deeds and your revelation to us. Certainly God must have a Word, but not one that dissipates as soon as spoken as our words do. Rather, you are a person who shares in the divine essence of God.

How wonderful you are for the love you have shown to humanity. It was you who walked in the Garden with Adam and Eve, sharing with them the Divine wisdom that was meant for us humans. It was you who discovered humanity’s rebellion in the Garden and cursed us. But in the curse you showed such restraint! You showed such love! For you did not destroy us, but rather allowed us to continue.

It was you who guided Abraham’s path and it was you who met with Moses. You guided your people, the Hebrews, from Egypt into the land you had prepared for them. These have been your interactions with men, always guiding us along the path of righteousness.

You stood with the three in the furnace and you closed the mouths of the lions who desired to consume Daniel. You walked with Israel and guided her paths, but she turned from you as all humanity turned from you. But you did not despair. Instead of destroying us, O precious Word, you came down and lived amongst us!

Such blasphemy to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks! That you, the begotten Word, would come down and live amongst us is unfathomable to all. But you took on our nature. My struggles are now your struggles.

When I sin, you are the one who forgives. When I am burdened, you are the one who guides me along the path to relief. You go between us and the Father on our behalf, issuing your forgiveness to us.

To whom can the burdened and tired take refuge? It is in you alone my Lord. It is in you that the weary may lay their heads and rest. It is in you that the traveler may find his home. It is in you that we learn that the mountains that impede our paths belong to you! There is no trial we can face, no persecution too great, that we cannot find hope in you O Lord!

To whom can the widow turn when no one else will hear her plea? You are the caretakers of the widows and orphans. It is in you that the poor find their wealth, the blind find their sight, the deaf find their hearing, and the sinner finds his salvation.

You are the living God, the righteous one! Though kings may war against each other and proclaim each powerful, all must submit to your authority. You are the King of kings, above the drivel of our politics.

It is for you that the universe was created through you. What great mystery! You are not just our savior nor are you a mechanism that was used in our creation; you are the entire purpose for our creation! How may I humble myself enough to admit that I was created for your purpose? How shall I understand such an honor?

It is through you that peace is obtained. It is through you that I have my salvation. What great mystery you have produced when I have sinned against you, yet it is through you that I am saved! I do not feel worthy to speak on such matters, forgive me O Lord.

Should you ever come to me in my sleep as you did to Solomon and ask me what I want, do not let me answer with anything other than, “You, Lord, only you.” Should I ask for more wisdom, what should I gain? Should I ask for gold, what shall I spend it on? It is through you that I have my existence. It is through you that I know God. It is through you that I know myself. It is through you that I know anything. In your light I have light. Should you ever ask of me my one desire, it is only to have you more completely than I do now.

I follow you not as a way or as a truth, for you are the way and the truth. When you impart wisdom onto us, you are not imparting something abstract, but instead are imparting yourself. When you impart grace, you do not impart something separate from yourself, but instead you impart yourself unto us. The living God, the Holy Word; you live within me and sustain me.

Though I should starve from want of food and freeze in the cold without shelter, I shall always be full of you, O Bread of life, and I shall always have shelter in you, O Maker of mansions. You are my guide and my protector, my rock. When all around has fallen and failed me, I shall always have you sustaining me.

What a glorious God you are, O Word! All things were created through you and when all things had fallen due to man’s wickedness, all things were made new through you. I, a rebel against God, against you, have been made pure through you. You have come down from heaven and shared in my humanity so that I might be with you! I cannot praise you enough for your glory, O eternal Word. Have mercy upon me Logos, a sinner.


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