Reflections on the Trinity – On the Father

Oh most blessed and holy Father, what ever can I say about you? To what can I compare you? What words can I say that will offer up an explanation as to who you are? Nothing in all of existence may be compared to you and no words come close to describing who you are.

The unbegotten and uncreated Father, holy beyond all comprehension. For no words can come close to describing you Father. Our words are mere analogies to your splendor and greatness. To say you are holy does not close to expressing your majesty.

The holy Father, forgiver of sins and origin of all things. For it is by your Word that we all came into existence. You spoke into the void and created us, not out of need or desire, but out of love and glory. You have safeguarded your creation and protected us.

It is by your will that you sent your only begotten Son to die on our behalf, to die for the creation that rebelled against you. Out of love you watched as your Son was tortured on our behalf. But you did not let your Son die in vain on the cross, but instead sent your Spirit to raise him from the dead and sit him at your right hand.

It is this same Spirit you sent to those who believe in you. God indwelling in man. Father I confess that were it not for the sacrifice of your Son and the indwelling of your Spirit I would not know you, for I am a lowly creation who has made myself lower by partaking in rebellion against you. Have mercy upon me Father!

It is you who searches the depths of my thoughts and sees the sin hidden away in my soul. Just as nothing is hidden from your sight in the universe, nothing in my soul is hidden from you. All dark thoughts that I have are revealed to you in full. You have seen all deeds I have done that no one knows about. In all of this I have sinned against you and forgotten your glory. I have forgotten you as my creator and gone my own path in order to usurp your throne. But in seeing all of this you have not snuffed me out of existence, for your love stays your hand of judgment. Of this I am not worthy!

Who has seen the Father? What mortal can claim to have ascended to your throne and kissed your face? What angel can proclaim that they have seen you and understand you? You are transcendent to all! You are eternally and infinitely above everyone! We do not know you or see you, not because you dwell in some far away land, for you are ever-present in creation. We do not perceive you or know you because you are so much greater than us.

But you did not keep hidden from us. You revealed yourself to your creation, not out of vainglory or to force worship, but to have a relationship with us. Father I cannot bear the thought that you chose to interact with us! How am I, a sinner and offender to God, worthy to read your beautiful words or to have you send your Spirit to dwell within me?

We thank you Father for sending your begotten Son and sending your Holy Spirit. We thank you for not remaining hidden, but sending your Word that we might know you. We thank you for speaking into the dark and bringing us into existence. You are holy Father and we shall ever worship you. Have mercy upon me Father, a sinner.


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