On Doubt

It seems that doubt is becoming highly controversial within Christian circles. To some, doubt signifies a deep mistrust in God and therefore a horrid spiritual condition. To some, to doubt is to have faith. But it seems that both views are an overreaction to doubt, with one being a negative reaction and the other being a positive reaction.

For instance, doubt in the existence of God or in God’s promises is all but inevitable. When we go through difficult times, doubt will arrise. But it is in this doubt that we seek him out. If our doubt doesn’t lead to a search to see if what we believe is true, then we are taking refuge in our doubt, which leads to hopelessness, for how can you hope for in what you doubt?

Some, however, embrace their doubt. They see doubt as a good thing. By doubting God, they view their actions as even better because they’re acting towards a God that they’re not really sure exists. But this makes no sense. Who loves a lover and holds our for a lover that they’re not sure exists? Who makes sacrifices to save the lives of the Hobbits? Nobody, because no one thinks Hobbits exist. Likewise, if you’re not sure God exists or you’re pretty sure he doesn’t exist, then why live as though he does?

Doubt can be a good thing, but it can be bad if we let it sit and fester and do not seek an answer to it.