The priorities and consequences of an empty culture

As I write this, major newspapers are accepting the idea that we are heading into a great economic depression. Though we don’t know how bad the depression will be, the fact we are heading into one becomes more and more apparent each day. Likewise, we currently have an administration that simply is not adequately tasked to handle a depression. Though we must continually pray for President Obama and show respect towards the office of the presidency, we must admit that Mr. Obama has shown himself inadequate to deal with crises, whether they be domestic or foreign.

In light of the economic collapse, we have all but lost the Gulf Coast to oil. Fishermen cannot fish, tourist attractions are shut down, and the economy is being hit even harder in our Southern states. We are now sitting almost four month out after the oil spill and the well has yet to be capped, which prevents clean up. Where is the Federal Government to help protect our shorelines, to help protect our borders? Where is the public out cry that the Federal Government has failed to secure our borders once again, which is their Constitutional imperative.

We are shutting down parts of Arizona because our government has failed to prevent drug traffickers and human traffickers from coming across our border. By being inactive we have become complicit with the action that enslaves thousands of humans every year. Believe what you will about illegal immigration – for those that follow this site they understand that I am in high support of immigration – it is the duty of the government to protect the borders and they have failed in that duty (and this is not just Mr. Obama’s fault, this spans back through multiple administrations).

We are facing a justice department that is out of control, threatening to violate the Constitutional right to be protected from double jeopardy just so the administration can pander to a voting base. This same justice department is suing Arizona for the belief that Arizona is overstepping its Constitutional bounds (which I do believe Arizona is doing that), but then doing nothing to fulfill their own duty to protect the borders.

We have multiple states on the verge of bankruptcy and in fact our own nation is on the verge of bankruptcy. We have citizens who’s entire lifestyle is based upon what has been loaned to them. They do not truly own most of their toys and were the economic rug pulled out from under them, they would have nothing to fall upon.

We are engaged in two wars with the potential for two other major conflicts to open up (Iran and Korea). Our diplomatic currency is so low that we are struggling to negotiate peaceful terms with either nation. Were war to break out, we would not be in a position to aid our allies or prevent a greater evil.

Morally our nation is falling into further despair. It is almost a common occurrence to read about the decadence of the wealthy and celebrate such filthy greed. We are told to better ourselves by what we buy. In all of this, we are asked to perpetuate our enslavement to man by debting ourselves to him, just so we can have a fancy car or a new television.

With all of the above – and there is much more occurring around the world – it amazes me that the three top news stories for this past week have been as follows:

1) Lebron James is leaving Cleveland to go to Miami

2) An octopus predicted Spain would beat Germany in the World Cup semi-finals

3) Lindsey Lohan is going to jail for 90 days

Now, all of these are okay to report and discuss. They’re interesting and they do provide a nice, if albeit temporary, distraction from the ills of this world. But these were not temporary distractions or small coffee talk items. These were front-page headliners. These stories controlled the news, specifically the “decision of Lebron.”

All of this simply accentuates how empty our culture is. We can take the Baudrillard route and blame the media, and certainly the media shares in the guilt of developing an empty culture, but the media is still a business and they report on what consumers will buy. If they attempted to report the truth of what was occurring in the world, the empty self that is our nation wouldn’t watch because it makes us feel bad.

What our nation is about to face over the next decade is a result of years of psycho-babble absurdities. We have been told to feel good about ourselves and correction and harsh words have been withheld from us so as to not hurt our tender feelings. In doing so, we have continued along this path to self-destruction feeling happy along the way. We are in store for an extremely unpleasant surprise, one that no amount of self-esteem can cure.

It has been known for some time that in order to fight a virus, you must have a little bit of the virus in you in order to form antibodies to the virus. For instance, to fight the flu, you must be given a little dose of the flu, which is small enough that your system can handle it without you getting sick. If you fail to do this, then your body will not develop the antibodies needed to fight the flu and you will get very sick when flu season comes around.

The same is true for hardships. If we protect and coddle our children so as to help them avoid all hardships, then as they get older they will not be ready to handle such hardships when the come. Those who know what is to struggle will prepare for struggle and in preparing to struggle, when the struggle does come, they will outlast it and the period of struggle will be brief. For those who are not prepared to struggle, the struggle will often overtake them, from which there is no promise of recovery.

Even in what is soon to become our darkest decade we remain empty-selves who feel we are entitled to a better life. We have not been prepared for struggle and in our foolishness are not preparing for struggle. Because of this, when darker times come we will not know what to do. For all the time we have obsessed over what young-adults in New Jersey are doing, what Lebron James is doing, or what Lindsey Lohan is doing, such knowledge will not matter soon. We have no work ethic and we have no sense of what is a priority and for this, we shall suffer greatly.

It is not too late. Though it is too late to avoid the tragedy that is to come, it is not too late to prepare ourselves. Such preparation comes from seeking God and we seek God by living virtuously. If we should turn back to the virtues, then when the suffering does come we will outlast the suffering and the suffering will be brief. If we do not turn to the virtues, then America shall crash upon the hard rocks of reality and she shall never recover.