A Few More Thoughts

* Do you wish to comprehend God? First, comprehend yourself. Then comprehend your neighbor. Once you have done this, understand that you are still smaller than God.

* When we enter troubles should we worry? If God was able to calm the sea during the storm and create the earth that held the sea, certainly He can guide us through our troubles.

* Cynicism is always an error when we fail to first be cynical about ourselves.

* What separates a lef-voting Christian and a right-voting Christian? How they vote. Beyond that, they are the same in style and rhetoric.

* Do you think you have a new idea on truth? Do you think that you have invented a new truth that contradicts all the old truths? Then you are wrong on two accounts; your invention is false and someone else has already thought of it.

* What will our first reaction be when we see Christ? Will it be one of shame or one of overwhelming joy? The answer is it’s a mystery, for we have never seen glorious perfection, so how can we know how we’ll react?

* To those of you who would deny mystery, do you claim to know all? To deny mystery is to elevate one’s self above God. Nothing is a mystery to God; all things, unless revealed, are a mystery to us.

* The first act of theology is to be still and know God. Books point to God, but God is not found in a book. God is only found in the silence of the modern world, absent of the shrieking voices claiming to speak for Him or against Him. Only in silence can we truly find God.