A Few Thoughts

Nietzsche offerred up little quips in some of his books, short excerpts of his overall beliefs, so why can’t I?

* We do not need a 21st century Christianity so that the Gospel is relevant to culture; we need a 1st century Christianity that beckons culture to be relevant to the Gospel.

* We are a generation of people seeking to find themselves; they are lost because they have rejected God. We only know who we are in contrast to who God is.

* Everyone is judgmental to a degree, we are either judging people or judging those we deem judgmental.

* Our generation looks for the latest fad or movement and rejects anything old because we are part of the cult of progress.

* We no longer think or ponder the big questions in life because to do so reflects our small we are and that can hurt our self-esteem.

* Happier is the man who struggles for food and shelter, but knows who he is because of Christ than the man who wants for nothing except his identity.