I just discovered E-bay…

I’ve known about E-bay for a while actually, but never purchased anything from there. Mainly, I didn’t know how it worked. The other day, someone showed me how fun it is to waste time on there. Then I came across Alexander Roberts’ Ante Nicene Fathers series (the collection of all the Church Fathers prior to 325AD). This series sells for about $200. I got it for hardly a quarter of that price, supposedly in new condition (I guess we’ll find out in a few days).

Suffice it to say, I think I have found a new favorite website.


One thought on “I just discovered E-bay…

  1. I bought my first item (a leather bible) on eBay this year, after buying from other online stores (amazon, christianbook, alibris, betterworldbooks) for ten years. I buy rare or vintage bibles that are way under-valued from eBay sellers. Just watch out, don’t get sucked into bidding wars, it can be addicting.

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