New Entry on the Comment Policy

For those not aware, I have added a new entry to the “Comment Policy.”

Recently, I’ve had three or four people post comments on my blog that were very well thought out, very respectful, and very interesting. The problem is, I hardly have time for even a simple discussion, much less one that requires me to think. I don’t see my time freeing up anytime soon, except on weekends, which is when I generally try to reply to comments.

So please, if I don’t reply, do not take this for a lack of interest or me giving up or just trying to ignore you. I simply do not have the time and for that, I apologize. I feel like my lack of time is robbing me (and others) of a very good and informational discussion.

Also, if I get similar comments, what I’ll tend to do is just make a big post to deal with them as an overall topic (if I can even get around to that…well researched articles are sparse on this site for a reason).


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