What’s Wrong With the World – Introduction

G.K. Chesterton wrote the book, “What’s Wrong With the World” and what I find so interesting is the lack of punctuation in the title. Is it a question? Is it a statement? Could it be both?

Undoubtedly, all of us come to the point when we read about how the world has forgotten about so many people who are suffering where we ask, “What’s wrong with the world?” Or we read about a preacher who condemns homosexuals and calls them the nastiest things having sex with male prostitutes and wonder, “What’s wrong the world?” Asking what is wrong or complaining about something being wrong is good because it shows that someone has thought enough about an issue to notice that something is wrong. However, if the person stays there then it betrays that the person is not a critical thinker. He knows enough to know things aren’t as they ought to be, but he’s not willing to find a solution.

I want to do a series on what I believe is wrong with this world. Instead of asking “What’s wrong?” I will instead make a declarative statement, “This is what’s wrong.” But I don’t want it to end there.  I also want to point out solutions to each problem.

I don’t know how long this series will go, how many posts it will consist of, or how often I’ll contribute to it, but I do want to cover what I see as some of the greatest ills facing the world at this moment.