A Confession Poem

Look upon the lonely world and all its error

See how much it is fallen, so lost in despair

Some worship gods, objects made at their own hand

While others make pleasure their only demand

Look upon this fallen world and find it torn

Orphaned, murdered, alone, so depraved we kill the unborn

Some see God’s laws written down, meant to prevent this depravity

But in following this stringent code they place themselves in slavery

What hope do you have, O Sinner, in the mess in which you live?

In our fallen mess, could we dream of a God who could forgive?

It does not please God to see His creation groan

He is love, and displays His love in a way never before known

Our God we witness as He reveals He is Holy Trinity

The Father, Son, and Spirit in love from all eternity

A perfect union that cannot be undone

Distinguished in three, but being in one

The Son is God and is eternally begotten by the Father

But is one in being with God and not a wholly other

From the Father proceeds His Holy Spirit

Distinct but fully God, between them there is no split

This Holy and loving God looked upon the world

He saw the destruction into which it was hurled

In the Incarnation, the veil between God and man was torn

The I AM humbled, to a human mother He was born

Under the curse of sin His chose to live, but no sin was in Him

A perfect life He led, knowing His eventual end was so grim

The same One who had once said, “Where are you” to humanity

Now adorned Himself in their flesh, but with no pomp or vanity

He took compassion on His brothers, on His fallen children

He provided substance in a world that was spiritually barren

Ever-present that sin broke the relationship between His Father and men

He sought to create a relationship to be broken never again

He took the flogging of the Roman condemned

All for our rebellion, for Him to mend

But His pain was so much deeper than the cells of His skin

In His spirit is where He felt the brunt of our sin

Look upon the cross and see a divided Trinity

Father forsaking Son whom He had loved for all eternity

But even in this, the Father took pleasure in breaking His Son

As the spilt and forsaken blood of Christ meant our sin was undone

The Father did not leave the Son in the grave

The Spirit came and raised Christ out of the cave

In His victory all sinners took delight

As God spoke into the darkness once again, and there was light

Light for those trapped in despair and pain

Light for the hopeless to tell them their lives aren’t in vain

In His resurrection He opened the path for fellowship with God

A belief no pagan could fathom, a belief that to the Jew is odd

To be guilty before God, to be His enemy, we are the ones

But in Christ’s resurrection we are adopted as sons

Into the slum, the ghetto, and the shanty town

Rise up all ye hopeless, stand up those who are down

To the blind, look upon Christ all day long

To the deaf, listen to His beautiful song

To the lame, run with Him forever, from west to east

To the hungry, sit and rejoice with Him at His feast

To the weary and worn down, in Him find your rest

To the diseased and unwanted, collapse in His chest

For we are adopted by God and have not a bother

For in our troubles we can cry out, “Abba, Father!”