Maybe Obama is still on drugs…

One of the saddest things about the Obama administration is his appointment of people with ideologies that are far off in left field. Some of the ideologies are so absurd that you’d expect them to be in some futuristic novel that satires our current culture. For instance, Brave New World had the “orgy porgy” that, at the time, was unthinkable and a satire. In the modern day, however, it’s done. Think of the “rainbow parties” that are thrown to initiate girls in high school.

Unfortunately, the ideas of Obama’s appointees are not satire or fiction – these are real people, with real ideas, who are in positions of authority. Take, for instance, John Holdren who believes that animals and trees (or any organic life for that matter) has the right to sue in court. In other words, that tree in your front yard can sue you if you do anything to harm it. Granted, trees are non-rational objects and animals lack the higher intelligence to actually bring you to court, but apparently they should hold that right.

It would be funny if it weren’t for this one simple fact – these same people argue that a fetus in the womb, a human life, has no rights whatsoever. These same people argue that the elderly and humans who are “past their prime” and putting a drain on society should be put to death in a “humane” way.

So, the tree in the front yard, or those weeds that keep growing up in your garden have more rights – in the eyes of the Obama administration – than the human in the womb or the human in the last years of his life. This is truly the dumbest, idiotic, and morally bankrupt administration the United States has ever seen.