I generally avoid celebrity gossip because I just don’t care. There are bigger things in this world to deal with than what celebrity is doing what. However, as I was flipping through the channels I came across a story about how some Heidi Montag (apparently on some MTV show) is going to pose for Playboy. Now, usually this isn’t a shocker…except that this is apparently the same Heidi Montag that claims to be a Christian and a positive role model for young children (and wants to be like Mother Theresa…the “modern version” [look at the 57 second mark]). 

Now, a few things after watching the video:

* Their claims of being Christians are, I hope, intentionally false. I hope it’s just a ploy.

* How many Christians might actually be duped into supporting these two nut-jobs simply because they claim Christ? 

* Christians are called to be modest; posing for Playboy simply isn’t modest (neither is prancing around in a bikini on stage…sorry Carrie Prejean)

* Christians are supposed to be self-sacrificial, not Hollywood elitists who want to be pampered 

My guess is that this is all one big joke. They’re claiming Christianity as a marketing ploy. If they aren’t…then whatever church they’re going to need to exercise some proper church discipline. 

Looking that stuff up wasted about 20 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back…what an empty culture.