Compare and Contrast

For whatever reason, humans aren’t known for consistency. We might be upset at one action, but if someone else commits the same action at a different time, we may not be upset. 

Enter in the media. When George Tiller was murdered, it was all over the media. It also didn’t take long for commentators to assign the blame. It was the fault of “right wing extremists” who call abortion murder. Some went so far as to say that anyone who has ever called abortion murder is guilty of this. When Tiller was murdered, pro-life advocates as a whole were in trouble. 

But where is the outage over Army Pvt. William Long? Where is the outrage over Muslim clerics who actually do preach and advocate Jihad? Where are the vigils, the Facebook groups, the comments saying all Muslims are guilty of this crime, etc? 

The reason the media is staying away from this is because if they treated it the same way they treated the Tiller murder, they would have riots, death threats, and a whole host of problems on their hands. The media has learned that if you say anything negatively about Islam, then there will be consequences. The pro-life movement, however, has condemned the murder of Tiller, but because those who are pro-life will not issues death threats or riot over insults, the media feels they can say what they want. 

It’s a matter of inconsistency. Just as not all Muslims are responsible for Pvt. Long’s death, not all advocates of pro-life are responsible for Tiller’s death. Yet, the media has an agenda and so only one group is demonized. This is why it’s almost not worth reading the news anymore…