When Christians Don’t Act Like Christians

It’s not uncommon for those who live in the “Christian” parts of the country to have negative experiences with Christians. People learn to avoid “Christian businesses” because “Christian businesses” have a reputation for being dishonest. People don’t want to attend churches because there is almost a constant power struggle; a few people control everything and if you upset one person, the entire group comes after you (this also happens on Christian message boards, Christian social clubs, etc). At a protest against homosexual marriages or against abortion, Christians tend to be the nastiest people there, hurling insults and condemnations.


The irony is that Christians will also cry out for grace for the helpless, but very rarely show it for fellow Christians. In short, Christians simply don’t seem to be good people.


Now, we can come back and say, “But the rest of the world is like this.” Yes, they are; but aren’t we called to be different from them? Aren’t we called to not show preference for one person or another? Aren’t we called to love all?


Obviously we will fail at points. Sometimes in our passion for the truth we can get over-zealous, but how often are Christians just down right nasty people? How often are they just mean spirited? How often do they try to correct everyone else, but fail to receive correction?


There’s not much we can do to change such people. The best we can do is to humble ourselves and live a life that doesn’t reflect how these people act. We are to live lives that refresh others, that give others hope, that show them how Christians are to truly live.


That is about all we can do.


15 thoughts on “When Christians Don’t Act Like Christians

  1. Hey AK, or ‘Joel’, I completely agree with you. My brother’s church had a power struggle not too long ago. And, yeah, I’ve seen some stuff on the ‘message boards’ as well and know what you mean about Christians sometimes being down right mean all the while telling people to love.

    Oh, by the way, this is BrckBrln.

  2. Following him around, eh Brckbrln 😉 …Agree with the article. Especially after “the attitude” sets in, you’re as good as crucified, no matter what’s said.

  3. Lol.

    I don’t think that’ll be happening for a while (as in ever… permanently banned).

  4. I’m still scratching my head over that.. *Now* who am I going to harass with a million questions?

  5. There were a few involved. To be quite honest, I don’t understand it myself. It’s like the line in Anchorman: “That escalated quickly!”

    It is what it is and I doubt anything will change it.

  6. I know, I saw it all. Anyway, probably don’t want your blog filled up with this sort of silliness.

  7. Well, Vhayes just sent me a PM saying she had nothing to do with it. She said she’s been getting PM’s from people wondering why she had you and hope banned.

  8. Psh. Lame. Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve lasted as long as I have, what with my view on eschatology. Was it about that Tiller thread? Was there a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff, or did the Mods just come out with a ban-hammer and hit the two people saying “At least he can’t murder anyone else”?

  9. yes we must have love in our hearts to reach others i,m so sad about the church and how man has took the gospel of jesus christ and try to change it to fit they own customs of doing church but we must stick withevery word of the bible and ask God for his understanding and not your own way the bible say,s lead not into your own understanding your ways ain,t like your own

  10. I actually agree 100% of this cafeteria mentality of christianity. We were called for much more, yet push others out cause they disagree with fundamentalist disagreements like your brothers keeper theology or whatever. So,, many christians excuse each one another as a security blacket and live in homogenous lives. Maybe read other religious, ethnic, racial, historical and political idealogies other than just the segergated point of view of inclusionism. For example, the U.S.A christian is inclined to agree 100% with the republican mantra all of the time. This harms the christian reputation world-wide making exceptions for their idealogy when in actuality you cannot do this to be a christian.
    Where does it say in the Bible you have to be a gun totting, racist, hypocritic, selfish, ignorant, arrogant or having this inflated sense of superiority about you. Its quite pathetic coming from a precatholic prospective and people always trying to correct me about a book. I cannot say with all entirity if I agree with the Bible cause Jesus Christ never wrote the bible. This is where I will disagree with you guys cause only the disciples like St. Paul and others wrote letters to people that have survived that is it. The religious nut jobs need to look into the history of revisions, editions, omissions and etc of their holy book and understand it better first before jumping on everyone elses bones. Fact is that nobody knows the answers in this world that is plain and simple. Being christian is no better than being a muslim nor a hindu person even in some cases they are better cause they think like I do universal health care should have been adopted years ago. I guess I would now be considered an atheist lik the baptist minister in town told me five or so months ago. It disgust me about the incompromising nature of religion and moreover the people inside of the homogenous unquestioning societies around the world. A quick question is why is christianity anymore valid than any other religion?

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