We need a regressive faith

Tony Jones’ post over at beliefnet today sounds more like Shelby Spong than anything emergent. He quotes someone as saying that unless monotheism evolves it will eventually die. Thus, I take that back – Shelby Spong only said that about Christianity and was, in a weird way, closer to the truth. Jones, instead, lumps Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all together and then proceeds to condemn them

I agree with the viewpoint, however, that Christianity (I’m going to exclude the other two) has caused a lot of pain, which has turned many people off to Christ. Many things were done under a naturalistic worldview, but Christ was still claimed as justification for the masses. A perfect example is Stalin’s treatment of political disinters. Though he was an atheist and used an atheistic worldview for his justification (Marxism), often times God and Jesus were invoked due to Russia’s Orthodox population.

The pain caused by Christians in the past is something we do have to address, because for some it isn’t a too distant past (how many elderly Jews in Israel had a “Christian” for a captor in Germany). It also doesn’t need to be that drastic of an example; how many people have left the Church because we’ve shown a lack of interest, grace, or compassion. How many hungry families have been hurt because the Church refused to feed them? Admittedly, Christians have done a lot of damage.

This does not, however, call for an “evolution of belief.” To evolve means to move away from what was once believed and toward something new. Christians don’t need that because it offers nothing. If we open up and accept all religions, then what’s the point of believing in Christ anyway? Why not create your own religion with your own rules so long as it has a belief in some sort of god? Why place yourself in the “Christian narrative” when it offers nothing?

Instead, Christians need a regression of faith. What I mean by that is we need to move back to what Christ intended us to be. This means we should be more graceful and less violent in our approach to issues, but it also means that we must also say that without Christ are lost and destined to an afterlife without Christ. We must stand on the fact that only by the blood of Christ can someone have a relationship with God, a connection to Him. We must state emphatically that no other religion is true – only orthodox Christianity holds the truth.